Chef Louis Papageorgiou participates in the Acropolis rally (PICTURE)

The chef and owner of Di Capilla Seaside Stories in Protaras in a ... different role - He competes in the WRC World Rally in Athens

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This is one of the most demanding rallies. It is part of the World Rally Championship (WRC), it is hard, exhausting for people and painful for machines. It has been named "The Rally of the Gods" and is one of the oldest car races. It started to be organized by ELPA in 1951 and year by year, it built its… legend.

The historic race, which from its early years, in the early 1950s, rightfully won a place on the international motorsport scene, after an eight-year absence from the World Rally Championship (WRC) calendar returns, having even secured the his presence in the institution for the two years 2021-2022.

The new chapter in the history of the Acropolis Rally will be written on September 9-12, 2021 and the Cypriot driver Louis Papageorgiou will be there.

His passion and love for rallies is well known as he is one of the veteran fans of the sport. As he had told us, from a young age, before he turned eighteen, he secretly grabbed his parents' car and drove off. He was given the opportunity to compete at the age of 25. From then until today he is involved in this sport not because he is interested in the firsts but for the feelings he feels when driving.

"From the moment I get in the car to race I feel like a different person, I forget everything and I am completely dedicated to my driving."

The Acropolis Rally was a lifelong dream for him: "Participating in this race is a lifelong dream of most and it is not an easy task. In addition to the car that must meet the appropriate specifications, the participating crews must also have strong wine. "

He will race with the TOPP motorsport team at the helm of a PEUGEOT rally 4.

image0 Di Capilla, Louis Papageorgiou

"My goal is to go up the finish ramp. I will run to the best of my ability with the aim of finishing and distinguishing ourselves in our car category. ”

His co-driver will be Vassilis Kougias from Greece

In June he will go to identify the special routes, while before the race he will test and adjust the car together with his team of engineers.

The start and finish will be given as befits this emblematic race: under the sacred rock of the Acropolis.

As the Deputy Minister of Tourism of Greece, Lefteris Avgenakis, very characteristically stated: "We will put the machines in front of the Acropolis, in Athens, which as a host will welcome our national race after 8 years of absence. Next, we will go through Corinth and Agios Theodoros, a special that emerged as the 3rd best from the WRC. A place of great beauty with people who have loved racing, a place that has the experience and knowledge to host international car races. We will head to historic Lamia for two days. In Lamia, where the modern racing cars of the WRC, will evoke special memories from Voxites, Pavliani, Tarzan and many other special routes ".