Survivor: Airport turned into a stadium - Welcome to Triandafyllos

Former Survivor player and famous singer arrives at Eleftherios Venizelos airport

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The former arrived at Eleftherios Venizelos airport a few hours ago player of Survivor and known singer. The reception prepared by his fans was really warm. Cameras from gossip-tv were found at the airport to record his arrival.

He arrived in Greece a few hours ago

The singer eventually withdrew from the survival game after eleven nominations. During his stay in reality, he received the love and support of the people many times. The same people were at the airport today to support him in their own way. People of all ages waited outside the arrivals hall to receive him. It should be noted that Daffy had uploaded one video on social media, in which he stated that he expected how and how to return to Greece. In the video he had mentioned the exact time of his arrival, indirectly inviting his fans to be near him.Rose receptionRose reception

Rose receptionRose reception

Rose receptionRose receptionJust minutes before Duffy's arrival, people started shouting rhythmic slogans, creating an enthusiastic atmosphere. As all his fans said and said again, he is the winner of their heart.