Christos Mastoras: She was dumped on his partner and he became furious – "Fool, aren't you a little ashamed?" (BINTEO)

For the eyes of Garifalia Kalifonis

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In the last few hours, a video has been making the rounds on the internet, in which the Christos Mastoras, clearly angry, he verbally attacked a nightclub customer who appears with Despina Vandi.

According to the report of the "Happy Day" show, everything happened last Saturday while Christos Mastoras was on stage.

At one point, the singer, according to Stamatina Tsimtsili's report, Christos Mastoras while she was singing on stage, she thought that one of the patrons flirted with Garyfallia Kalifonis in an indecent way.

In the video that was shown on the show, Christos Mastoras can be heard making a remark to the patron in question while shortly after, he asked the particular group to leave the store.

Watch the video:

Source: lifenewscy