Famagusta Province: 8 women send their message for Women's Day

What Katelitsa Phylaktou, Gavriella Zartila, Maria Tofini Tsantila, Koula Goumenou, Maria Kalimera, Andri Psalti, Kalomira Kelis and Koula Christodoulou say at Famagusta.news

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The issue of gender equality and the "gap" that persists even in 2023 between men and women is not sufficiently present in the modern public perception. Inequalities lurk and affect millions of women every day, while stereotypes, ways of behaving and laws seem "normal", either because "that's how we grew up", or because it doesn't bother us as we consider that they don't affect us personally.

International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year as a day of remembrance of the struggles of the women's movement women's rights.

On the occasion of International Women's Day, eight women from Famagusta District, distinguished in various fields, sent us their own message for this special day.

Gabriella Zartila, Presenter of "Front Page"

"Today is not a day of celebration but a reminder of the struggle that women did and are doing from end to end for the obvious. Today let us expect no gift, but daily demand that all women have equal rights with men. The age-old perception that a woman must choose either the family or the career is now in the past".

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Maria Tofini Tsandila, Cultural Officer of the Municipality of Agia Napa

"Woman of life, woman of poetry, woman of dream, of struggle, whatever we write or try to capture about the course or trial of the woman in our life, however much we admire her heroism and are shocked by so much suffering and pain, we are overcome by her strength, her magnanimity and her passionate struggle for survival. We are overcome by the source of life that runs in her veins, we are overcome by her role in the theater stage of life. Faced with pandemics, inequalities, wars, natural disasters, in every hardship she stands proud and waits, just as she was nurtured by her great-grandmother, grandmother, mother but also from the hug and love of the daughter, the granddaughter and the whole family, the hope of life... Mother, I will be late, go to sleep... but sleep does not come and the hatch never closes.

Happy Birthday Woman Beautiful of Life!!!”

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Koula Goumenou, Clinical Dietician – President of Branch Managers of Paralimni

"We honor all women for their contribution to society and it's a day to support equality. Woman is a silent force and is now everywhere. Mother, worker, housewife. You will find her in politics, in the Church, in the construction of houses, in banks in managerial positions, in businesses because she has now learned to decide correctly and independently. Happy birthday to each woman individually. The road to full equality is still long but we will make it. Respect for women. A woman can be a great mother and a perfect professional. She can by her nature do many things tirelessly, unstoppable because she is blessed by God. So she should stop being wronged. Women must feel capable and invincible away from all physical and verbal violence".

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"Happy birthday to all women! Today's woman can conquer anything, as long as she knows that success also requires sacrifice. He has unlimited abilities and can really change the world for the better if he wants to. Indispensable elements that help her progress and succeed are not only knowledge but passion for what she does, dedication, organization, hard work and her insistence on perfection. But she must find the golden balance between her multiple roles as a mother, as a wife and as a professional, because only then will she feel happiness and fulfillment."

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Maria Kalimera, Guinness Record Holder "Longest Time in the Abdominal Plank Position"

"Woman! A strong form where she can cope with all the roles of life ..Woman means: Mother, wife, friend, housewife, worker and yet the support! No matter how many obstacles she has to face, she will always find a way to stand up to her! Each one of us with our own peculiarities but at the same time so special.. To love ourselves and to admire it.. Because our biggest flaw is that sometimes we forget how much we are worth! Happy birthday!"

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Andri Psalti, Fashion Designer – Owner of the brand Andri Psalti

"Love yourself, be proud to be a woman and know that we all hide an incredible strength that when that moment comes it appears. Pursue your dreams and always see the positive side of life. Each one of us should feel unique, special and beautiful. The secret is within us."

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Kalomira Keli, Insurance Consultant

WOMAN, beautiful and strong creature, life's multitool who plays so many roles every day, I wish you with all my heart: Physical and Mental Health, Personal and Professional Success and a piece of advice: "...Once you know that men are like children, you know everything!" (Coco Chanel)

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Koula Christodoulou, Director Wisdom Higher Educational Institute

"March 8, today is International Women's Day. A special day, with special meaning and value! On this day we celebrate women's rights and what they have achieved so far! We celebrate it every year because women are a special and special part of this world! Every woman is necessary and special even if to this day she has to prove it every day and convince herself that she is not the "weaker sex"! End physical violence against women ..end gender violence ..End unfair "feminicide" against innocent creatures ……Yes ..in strengthening the position of women in modern society!Woman is necessary everywhere, she makes the world better and she is a winner in this life. So to the women who don't give up despite the stereotypes and racist comments they receive, to those who know how to fight and come out victorious.To those who often endure more than they can but that makes them even more unique. To those women who find the strength to move forward, who find a solution to every problem, who are emotional, dynamic, vulnerable, who are Women and inspire you... I wish you strength and courage! We must recognize women for all these roles and the many responsibilities they carry out every day:They are mothers, wives, partners, workers and sometimes inevitably become women and men together to make ends meet!Happy birthday to all the women who make the world a little more beautiful.Of course, we also love the men...and we recognize all these important roles they perform and they are also an integral and necessary part of our lives!But today belongs to women!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL THE WOMEN OF THIS WORLD SO, FROM MY HEART!!”

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