The classic "mommy" tricks and their real meaning

The truth is that there are some classic phrases that moms say and in the process make a short pause for

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The truth is that there are some classic phrases that moms say and in the process take a short break to hide a critique, common sense or an emotion.

We have all heard them! Some may say them and others may repeat them. But what is their real significance? What can a mom really think when she says that?

See below some of the classic "mommy" outbursts and their real meaning? Do you feel the same way when you tell your children?

What it says: "Do not make me come there.

What does he mean: I really do not want to get up or stop what I am doing to get there.

What it says: Because I said it (He says it and he means it)

What it says: If you do not have something else to say better not to continue.

What does he mean: I hope we will end up somewhere different in the end what I say will happen.

What it says: Stop right now!

What does he mean: If you do not stop now I will come there and I do not know what will happen!

What it says: Eat all your vegetables and when you grow up you will become big and tall.

What does he mean: I can not confess to the pediatrician that even I do not like these vegetables. Please try them and I will give you a cookie.

What it says: You are fine (after hitting).

What does he mean: Are you sure you are okay? Run, hop on the couches to see that you are definitely okay.

What it says: I have never done such things at your age.

What does he mean: The truth is that I do not remember but it does matter that I do not allow you to do so. Go and finish.

What it says: I will count to three and you will already be in bed.

What does he mean: I really have no other energy reserves and I just want everyone to go to bed.

What it says: I love you.

What does he mean: I love you more than anything else in the world and I hope to be a good mom!