How to combine your wicker bag (PICTURES)

Bag Summer 2019, Straw Bag

First of all, we must all admit that the bag is the only accessory that is necessary to complete a look. Of course not any bag - but the one that suits you and is clearly elegant and stylish.

The options are many, however one is the one that has been defined as the "absolute" of summer. The reason for the wicker bag that has always had its honor in the summer, however this season is one of the biggest trends.

In the market you will find dozens of variations in sizes (from beach bag to mini bag), buttons, colors (although we love the natural color of the mat) and decorative designs to choose the one that suits you and the sure thing is that you will not want to never leave her.

See how the fashion girls adopted her in their appearances:

Bag1 Summer 2019, Straw Bag

Bag2 Summer 2019, Straw Bag

Bag3 Summer 2019, Straw Bag

Bag4 Summer 2019, Straw Bag

Bag5 Summer 2019, Straw Bag

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