How many calories do the most famous fasts have?

Fasting can, among other things, when done correctly help to reduce cholesterol and body weight while at the same time,

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Fasting can, among other things, help lower cholesterol and body weight when done properly and at the same time, can increase the levels of certain nutrients, such as omega-3 fatty acids that help treat depression.

In order to be effective, it must be made in a specific way and, for example, it must not contain many pancakes and it must be based primarily on raw, boiled and baked.

See below how many calories some of the most common fasts have…

Lentils - 147

Chickpea soup - 181

Bean soup - 123

Octopus with chopped macaroni - 168

Roasted squid - 90

Cuttlefish with rice - 157

Rice pilaf - 169

Taramosalata (1 tablespoon) - 120

Yam potatoes (100 gr. - 128)

Fried peppers - 240

Skordalia - 243

Boiled greens - 85

Semolina halva - 299