March 6: World Day Against School Bullying - A Video That Makes Us Think

video BULLYING, World Day Against School Bullying

The term "school bullying" is used to describe a situation in which intentional, unprovoked, systematic and repetitive violence and aggressive behavior are used to enforce, oppress and cause physical and mental pain. to students from their classmates, inside and outside the school.

On the occasion of today's World Day Against School Bullying, we present you with a video with which most, if not all, of you will identify.

The video was created by the School of Three-Dimensional Communication Design of the University of America in Mexico and presents the daily life of a student who is experiencing intense school bullying by a group of classmates.

Shortly before things get worse, a classmate's intervention saves them and - fortunately - the situation ends well.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case and we get to the point of hearing about unimaginable situations of intense fights and even the rape of young children by young children.

If you want to avoid unpleasant events with your children and realize that something bad is happening in their lives, then talk to them calmly. Advise them and explain to them why they should not exercise, nor should they accept bullying.