9 things every child with autism would like to know

If a child with autism could say everything they want to know about it, it would be the perfect way to show you how to help.

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If a child with autism could say everything they want to know about it, it would be the perfect way to show you how to help.

1. I am a child

Autism is part of who I am, not everything I am. I am a person with thoughts, ideas, talents and dreams just like you. As a child I still learn myself and neither I nor of course you know all that I am capable of.

2. My senses are not perfectly synchronized

This means that images, sounds, smells and tastes that you may not care about are painful to me. Many times I feel my environment is hostile. This may make me look antisocial and weird but all I do is try to protect myself.

3. I literally translate what I hear

You confuse me when you say "sit on your eggs" while what you mean is "sit quiet". Do not tell me "this is a toy" when there is not even a toy in the room and what you mean is that something "is very easy". Do not tell me "it's raining chairs", tell me that "it's raining very hard". Metaphors and sarcastic comments are concepts I do not understand.

4. Pay attention to all the ways I try to communicate

It is often difficult for me to tell you what I need when I have no way of expressing my feelings. Pay attention to my body movements. I may be hungry, confused, scared or even confused but not to say it in words. Look at the signs I give you. It is there.

5. Show me the way, do not tell me

Try to show me the way to do something and do not tell me in words. Prepare to show it to me many times because practice helps me a lot. This way is better for me because that way I do not have the stress of remembering what you told me I should do next. Visual aids help me better control my program. Images help me much better because words are like steam for me. They evaporate before I make any sense of them.

6. Pay attention to what I can do and not what I have difficulty with

Like any human being, I can not know when I am in an environment where I feel that I am not good and I need "improvement". So I avoid doing new things. So look for things I can do and you will find them. Are many.

7. Help me in my social relationships

It may seem like I don't want to play on the playground with the other kids but I really just don't have the means to approach them. Help me do it and show me how to play with others. It will make me very happy

8. Identify what causes my crises

A crisis can occur because I have exceeded the limit of my social possibilities or my senses are so intense that I do not control them. Try to find out in which situations, activities, time periods or even with which people I have seizures and so you will be able to prevent them.

9. Love me unconditionally

Remember I did not choose to have autism. Without your support it will be very difficult for me to become successful and independent as an adult. With your help the chances are much higher than you think. Be patient.