"I really want to talk to Maria Antonas": Sofiana breaks out about her "relationship" with Aris Soiledis

Sofiana Avramaki was the player who left survivor and in her first interview on the show "Love it", she talked about what

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Η Sofiana Avramaki was the actress who left survivor and in her first interview on the show "Love it", she talked about what is heard about her relationship with Aris Soiledis.

Aris Soiledis and Maria Antona are planning their wedding, next summer, however, the Sofiana Avramaki in Survivor he was at the center of particular rumors and wanted to put things right.

The reaction of Sofiana Avramaki for the relationship they charge her with Aris Soiledis

As underlined by Sofiana Avramaki "Everything that was made is very nice, I do not know where it came from, if Emmanuel started it all. At first it was funny, until we realized the seriousness of the thing. "I find it unacceptable to troll such things, especially when a man is getting ready to get married, when the girl who is getting ready to get married is on TV and is accepting war from everywhere."

He adds: "I consider it unnecessary to clarify that there is nothing. Clearly does not exist. Aris Soiledis is a man very careful in his movements. We went into the jungle, but the two of us never left, the four of us always left together. The two of us have never been somewhere, so to say that there is some evidence plan. "I feel very bad about all this, because I can not prove that I am an elephant, because I have a family outside, which listens to all this and is upset and also does not honor me at all."

For the psychology of Maria Antona, the Sofiana Avramaki he pointed out "I was informed by Mars and my first reaction was to laugh, I did not think anyone would take it so seriously. But then I realized the seriousness of the thing. I entered Maria's place, I thought how can this girl who is out there feel that her partner is in a place 24 hours a day with a specific girl. It was very ugly. We thought of many ways to handle it… ".

Regarding the way he dealt with it, he added "Aris Soiledis and I asked one by one from the group if they have seen anything and if so, why no one came to tell us and he said it in a personal interview. Everyone denied it. The only one who admitted it was Constantine Emmanuel, justifying that he did it as a troll. "No one else came out to speak, because no one is excluded from having seen anything."

Sofiana Avramaki wants to talk to Maria Antona

For what Asimina said, the Sofiana Avramaki noted "Asimina said it to expose me, because we were in a phase where the climate was not good at all. I do not know if Asimina came to say something so false to Joe, I fell from the clouds. Clearly I have not confessed such a thing to Asimina. I would very much like to talk to Maria Antona, I feel the need to do so. Aris Soiledis also asked me to do that, it was the last thing he said to me when we said goodbye to the council. He told me "go find my wife and tell her the whole truth". I want to go with all my good mood to meet her. I believe that she also knows who her man is and that she would never do such a thing against her, she knows that he adores her, I would like her to give me the opportunity to meet and discuss some things ".


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