These were the last words that Cyprian had written in his notebook

The sister of Kyprianos Papaioannou who published the last words from his notebook is touching

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The sister of Kyprianos Papaioannou is moved in her post which published the last words from his notebook.

See the post and the last words he had written:

...the last words he had written in his notebook.
For my own weakness, the sorrow I have, how can I complain to God who took my own man in the best spiritual state he could reach and in the only chance he had to be saved? Do I dare to put my feelings above the fact of the salvation of the person I "supposedly" love? And if the "allegedly" is not true then why do I continue to complain?
Praise God who heard your prayers and saved your man by giving him paradise. Heaven, which if the unpleasant event had not allowed, he would never have obtained.
It is your duty to pray for the one you say you love, because if you waste the precious time you have (to pray for him) to only think and grieve, then you (selfishly) indirectly make God responsible for your grief when He is to blame for his salvation. And this is the truth that your selfishness clouds you, underestimating His providence.
Thus, the fact of the salvation of your loved one becomes a reason for you and your human, without spirituality, emotionality to question God's providence.
So with your expression against God you not only do not bless but you bless his name. Not only do you not rest him, but you make him angry against the Good One.
After all, what is in the interest of the love of the person you love to sacrifice time from your life for prayers in his favor or simply to complain that you lost your emotional peace with the loss of your loved one?
Do you really love him or do you love your emotional state more than you would have if he were alive?'[0]=AZXqJbNBoRE8bZcO8K_tXxEIfaV1cB_yTZhE03LH_qOCZRirxhyAUDbmvsKAiXV3DBugK283uYAzQMw-Q6yYxX9mwoACwwoYq15-f5nP8ttdaKze0Q3d2ZYO_MMvYE5OFBCMeZN2wk9H2bCAM5LRYe1svPLnb306HKUuJ2LC0X-iCQ&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R