SAINT NAPA / NOW: New Immigrant Entry Operation (PICTURES)

Over 150 migrants in three boats entered Ayia Napa

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A large migrant transport operation is underway off Cape Greco by the Port and Maritime Police. According to the first information, three boats carrying Syrian migrants have been spotted in the sea area of ​​Famagusta province and a large transport operation has been set up on the coast.

photo 3 exclusive, Arrival of immigrants, Immigrants, IRREGULAR IMMIGRANTS

According to the information, more than 150 people from Syria appear to be on board the boats, who are expected to be transferred to the Ayia Napa marina.

It is recalled that on Sunday they arrived in five boats from Lebanon with a total of 271 migrants on board. This is the second largest simultaneous flow for 2024. The largest was on 11 March when 6 boats with 458 Syrian migrants arrived.

However, tomorrow due to the situation with the immigration flow, the President of the Republic called an emergency meeting of the National Security Council.