"Alas if there is even a house in Famagusta without a plate of food"

Andreas Pittatzi's appeal in a post

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Andreas Pittatzis appeals to everyone to contribute to the practical support of all our fellow human beings in the province of Famagusta during these difficult times.

Such is his post:

"In these hours, prayer is humanity, mobilization and compassion.

We were happy to be born in a part of the world, endowed with many natural beauties. With golden beaches and a plethora of tourists visiting us.

Many businesses with huge financial displacement, with rich Municipalities and communities, are active in the Famagusta District.

Alas if with the above data, there is even a house in the District of Famagusta that does not have a plate of food, that does not have a garment to cover, that does not have milk to give to its babies.

With each passing day, redundancies increase rapidly or are planned, despite what is beautifully said by our politicians. Employers are the first to feel the knife of crisis in their bowels.

At this time, prayer is practical humanity, mobilization and compassion. It is neither fasting nor prayerful that these people will be helped. This is our church and this iconostasis. History gives us the opportunity to show that we are Humans and not unconscious or predatory animals. At this time, hope is being sought, people are being asked.

We rise and fall as one people. ”