Occupied: Festivals for Erdogan's visit to enclosed Famagusta

Turkish frigate off Famagusta and flag hoists in enclosed Famagusta

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Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan arrived at the occupied territories around 12.30, while the President of the Nationalist Action Party, Devlet Bahceli, had arrived by another plane an hour earlier.

Erdogan arrived with his wife Emine and according to the "Cyprus Post", on the same plane with him in the occupied territories came the former President of the Turkish National Assembly, Ismail Kahraman, the former Prime Minister, Binali Yildirim, Y καιrτιm, Y Υ Communication, Fahrettin Altug.

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Erdogan will attend the events for the illegal declaration of the pseudo-state in occupied Nicosia and is expected to go to Varosi around 2, where the security measures are very strict. From 11.30 the entrance to citizens has been prohibited, while for the press officers a strict control is made and identities are requested, but also the negative results of PCR test.

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Those who are allowed to enter the fenced city of Famagusta today are given special masks by the "police" at the entry point.

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The flags of Turkey, the pseudo-state, the "municipality" of Famagusta, TOKI (Turkish Housing Development Administration of Turkey) and the Turkish Municipality of Konya have been placed on the roof of the Serenissima apartment complex. In the sea, off Varosi, there is a frigate and a coast guard ship.

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The journalists and press officers have been placed in a special place opposite the place where the Turkish President and his entourage will be, on Kennedy Avenue, at the height of the Serenissima apartment complex.

Source: KYPE