Government Spokesperson for Deryneia: "The works of the occupying army are outside the dead zone"

What did he say about the information that the Turkish occupation regime is building fortifications in occupied Deryneia

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In his statements to journalists at the Presidential Palace, as part of his briefing to the media, the Spokesperson was asked to comment on information that the Turkish occupying regime is building fortifications in Deryneia, he said: "The information we have is that whatever works are being carried out are not within the dead zone and we are already taking the necessary steps."

After Pyla and Agios Dometios, the occupying forces attempt new feats in Deryneia as well

The Mayor of Deryneia, Andros Karagiannis, spoke on the front page of Sigma and reported that the occupying army is carrying out works in front of the occupied beach of Deryneia.

Mr. Karagiannis added that "for a week now we have been seeing a tension in the creation of fortification works to the right of the roadblock up to the Kappari area in Paralimni. It's very likely to put in defensive weapons."

The Mayor of Deryneia reported that last weekend with heavy vehicles they created trenches that are very likely to be used for defensive purposes.

He pointed out that the distance from Deryneia is about 100 meters. "The citizens were worried and I, as Mayor, sent a letter yesterday to the Ministry of Defense and also to the National Guard so that they would inform us. Our experience tells us that these works are fortifications.

Famagusta.News / with information from SigmaLive