A Syrian immigrant was a pseudo-state spy

Syros with a thousand faces is an informer of the pseudo-state

b katexomena33 IMMIGRANT, Pseudocrat

The appeal of Syros, who was twice deported from Cyprus, but returned under different names, was rejected by the Supreme Court. The information from the KYP that the specific man was going to the occupied territories and giving information to the pseudo-state causes a sensation.

In particular, Syros had filed an appeal against the decision of the Administrative Court (21.9.18) to reject his appeal in relation to the decision to deny an application he had submitted to acquire Cypriot Citizenship by naturalization.

This is a man who comes from Syria. He arrived for the first time on the territory of the Republic of Cyprus on 27.2.93, under the name Enad Al Chebli and was granted a visitor's permit until 6.3.93.

However, with the expiration of the temporary residence permit, Syros continued to reside illegally in the Republic.

After a detention and deportation order was issued against him, he was arrested and deported to his country on 3.4.93, while his information was placed on the list of prohibited immigrants.

A few months later, on 30.11.93, Syros arrived again in the Republic, again under a different name (Anad Alshbly), with a temporary visitor's permit until 14.12.93.

With the expiry of the validity of the residence permit, he again continued to reside illegally in the Republic.

Detention and deportation orders were again issued against him, which were executed on 25.1.95 and his details were again placed on the list of prohibited immigrants.

A little later, on 17.10.96, the Syrian arrived again in the Republic, for the third time with different details, under the name Inad Al Hamdan, this time with a work permit. The license was renewed until 28.8.01, marked "Final".

He then married Cypria, D. P. ("the P."), one month before the expiration of his temporary residence permit in the Republic. Therefore, the stay was renewed following his successive requests, until 30.8.05.

A related application submitted on his behalf on 27.1.04 to acquire Cypriot Citizenship by registration, due to his marriage, was not approved, based on information received from the Police Headquarters regarding his involvement in illegal activities. As decided, the application would be reviewed in future.

In the interim, his Cypriot wife filed for divorce, which was later withdrawn. On 29.4.14, the application submitted by Syros for obtaining Cypriot Citizenship by registration, after being reviewed, was rejected, due to his previous illegal stay in the Republic.

He then applied for Cypriot Citizenship by naturalization, which was considered after taking into account the views and information obtained by the Head of the Central Intelligence Service ("CYP").

The Minister of the Interior decided to reject his application for two reasons. He initially notes that "you were deported twice, due to illegal stay in Cyprus and for the reason that you have changed your personal information in order to achieve entry into the Republic by deceiving the authorities and you engage in illegal activities therefore you cannot be considered as a person of good character decided that not there is any substantial reason for your Naturalization as a Cypriot citizen [.]".

KYP: He gave information to the occupied territories

The Administrative Court proceeded and studied the data of the administrative files related to the case, finding that Syros had changed his personal information, using three different names in the respective applications he had submitted in February 1993, November 1993 and October 1996.

The Administrative Court also examined the involvement of Syros in illegal activities on the basis of information obtained by the KYP. "From what is described by the Head of the CYP, the fact is recorded that: the applicant had been deported from Cyprus twice in the past, due to a violation of the conditions of his stay, he had changed his personal information and had succeeded in re-entering with work permit in Cyprus. The event of civil marriage with a Cypriot is recorded, with the aim of obtaining Cypriot Citizenship. The Head of the KYP, records additional information received by his Service, about his and another compatriot's visits to the occupied territories, where they had meetings with officials of the pseudo-state, to whom they transmitted information about the activities of Kurds living in the free areas and that during the during their stay in the occupied territories, large sums of money are trafficked which they spend in nightclubs and casinos.

The Head of the KYP continues during his information report, that during his visits to the occupied territories, Syros had meetings with Arab illegal immigrants, of Syrian origin, where he then transported them to the free areas and illegally employed him in the constructions. Finally, the opinion of the CYP is recorded, in order to be taken into account by the competent body during the examination of his application for naturalization".

The decision of the Supreme Court

In the decision, the Supreme Court states: "Naturalization is a power that goes back to the sovereign nature of the State, which can grant citizenship to persons it wishes, with the only limitation being the need to demonstrate good faith. An absolute right to naturalization in the Republic of Cyprus is not recognized, but only an expectation that, through the proper submission of an application, the request will be properly evaluated and will receive a proportionate, good faith, and individualized judgment, in exercise, always, of the wide discretion granted to the Administration . None of the grounds of appeal are valid. The appeal is dismissed."

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