Averoff met with a group of lawyers for Famagusta (VIDEO)

DISY President discusses with legal parties the legal aspects of Turkey's threats to Varosia

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Focusing on addressing Ankara's threats to settle Varosia, DISY President Averof Neophytou, accompanied by Parliamentary Spokesman Nikos Tornaritis and party officials, met today with a group of lawyers.

In his statements after the meeting, Mr. Neophytou said that today he had another scheduled round of contacts focusing again on Famagusta. "Although for us the issue was and remains primarily political, together with my colleagues I met with reputable lawyers with whom we discussed the legal aspects concerning Famagusta," he said.

He said they discussed addressing Turkey's threats to illegally settle the besieged city, as well as ways to prevent such actions through UN Security Council resolutions on Famagusta.

Mr. Neophytou referred to the high diplomatic mobility recorded for the Cyprus issue, emphasizing that "now and with the parliament of the UN Secretary General, developments are coming to the Cyprus issue".