Averoff in Paralimni - "The Government is launching the Second High School" (VIDEO + IMAGES)

He visited Paralimni High School and Protaras where he met with hoteliers

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The Gymnasium and Lyceum of Paralimni were visited today by the President of the Democratic Alarm Mr. Averof Neophytou, accompanied by the Mayor Theodoros Pyrillis, the Vice President of the faction George Georgiou, the Director of Administration and the Organizational Officer A members of the Municipal Council and the School Ephorate of Paralimni.

Ο Mayor of Paralimni Theodoros Pyrillis Welcoming the President of the Democratic Alarm and his associates, he stated the following:

"We want to welcome in Paralimni the President of the Democratic Alarm, Mr. Averof Neophytou and at the moment we are in the largest High School in Cyprus. It is a High School with 650 children in which important upgrade works are being done, works that will cost around 5,5 million euros. We thank him for his visit to this place and we are happy for the support that the government gives to education in Paralimni. Certainly the solution is the creation of the second High School, something that began to take off and to point out that the space we are in at the moment is the point where the dead zone begins with the occupied Famagusta next to us. That is, these students and we when we were younger, what we experienced every day while receiving the education we had to receive, was that we lived with the occupied city in our eyes every day. "It's something we hope will find a way to be able to walk in this city again as soon as possible, and I believe that the Democratic Alarm is doing what the government can do in that direction."

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On the other hand, Averof Neophytou answered the following:

"Today I am with my friends and associates, both the Mayor and the Municipal Councilors, the President and Members of the School Ephorate, the School Management, the Parents' Associations here in Paralimni. Friend Mayor, today I encountered a pleasant problem. What is pleasant? That I visited the largest High School in Cyprus and it is a joy and happiness to see young people, the future of tomorrow and to feel that this area has and today has a stronger tomorrow. The problem is due to the large number we need facilities. Despite going to communities where the problem is that there are no students to justify the operation of schools, I am glad that there is this problem. I wish we have students everywhere, because we can build buildings more easily with the will and there is a will, and I want to assure you, friend Mayor, I can not speak on behalf of the government but I know the determination and will of the President of the Republic to resolve this issue. And the Democratic Alarm will be together with the government those who, in addition to the other issues that have been resolved in Paralimni, will launch the creation of the second High School in Paralimni. But I am dear associates here at the end of the school yard and opposite us the occupied Famagusta. I want to send a message once again. It was and remains the goal and goal of the Democratic Alarm since its founding in 1976 and the position of both the President of the Republic and my personal bet despite the intransigence of Turkey, despite the unacceptable positions, to find ways to break the deadlock and not live and our children, these barbed wire of shame, the dead zones, but to make them living zones, alive for all Cypriots, and we will never deviate from this goal until the struggle of the entire Cypriot Hellenism succeeds ".

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Among other things, the president of DISY visited Protaras where he met with hoteliers, with a delegation of the Paralimni Youth Union and the Konstantia Nautical Club.

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