Linos Papagiannis of ELAM in the battle for the City Hall of Famagusta

Linos Papagiannis Municipality of Famagusta, ELAM, Linos Papagiannis

In a turbulent electoral process with an unpredictable result and which will keep the interest of the citizens at high levels, the battle for the City of Famagusta is evolving after the decision of ELAM to submit the candidacy of LINOS PAPAGIANNIS as an option for the people of Varos…

The high percentages of ELAM in free Famagusta but also the recognition of Mr. Papagiannis due to his strong presence in Parliament, make his candidacy as highly predictable.

Even if we take into account the political approach and philosophy of ELAM in the Cyprus issue and especially in the issue of Famagusta in comparison with its other co-candidates, it makes the battle particularly ambiguous.

It should also be taken into account that due to the summer holidays, but also to the summer season where many are employed in hotels in the free area of ​​Famagusta, but also to the devaluation of political life, the turnout at the polls will not be very high.

So those of the party mechanisms who work hard will have an advantage over the other candidates supported by parties…

It is noted that ELAM in the European elections held last May in Famagusta took 15.24% and was ranked third party, after DISY with 36.02%, AKEL 28. 12%, DIKO 8.12%, EDEK: 4.87% and DIPA: 2.04%

Source: newsbomb