In the counterattack, the President of ELAM "Several AKEL executives in prisons, not because they rebelled"

The President of ELAM, Christos Christou responded to the statements of Christos Christofias

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The President of ELAM, Christos Christou, was hosted in the Sections of Events, who spoke about his candidacy for the presidency of the Parliament, while he also responded to the statements of Christos Christofias.

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Initially, he said, ELAM managed to double its seats in Parliament with the party in fourth place.

He added that he is running for the presidency of the Parliament because he is an independent force. "We want to have a voice and the Presidency of the Parliament."

He stressed that after five years in Parliament he has learned a lot and ELAM can fulfill this role. "It is not a sign of arrogance, but it is a decision based on the popular mandate."

Mr Christou said the party's political bureau had clarified its intentions vis-.-Vis the other political forces. "On June 9, another session of the political bureau will take place, but at the moment there is only the proposal of ELAM."

Finally, he responded to the statements of Christos Christofias, who said that the members of ELAM should be in prison, emphasizing that ELAM was sent to Parliament by the people. "Several AKEL executives have passed through the central prisons and not because they rebelled but for reasons of corruption. "AKEL is the party that is involved in any scandal we have witnessed in Cyprus and has not yet condemned the crimes of communism."

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