Christou: With our candidate in the Presidential-What is his opinion about vaccines

"The state must take care not to violate the basic freedoms of citizens"

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At noon and something, the President of ELAM, Christos Christou, was hosted, who spoke about the 2023 Presidential elections, the voting of the budget, while he also criticized the Government's decisions regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Initially, Mr. Christou spoke about the 2023 Presidential elections, emphasizing that ELAM is oriented to run in the upcoming elections with its own candidate. "In the next period, the Central Committee will meet to make our final decisions."

He added that they can not consider the scenarios of the second round without preceding the first. "We are ready to talk to the society about the issues that should concern the society and we are ready to present a specific plan and political framework."

He pointed out that ELAM is a political force with increased percentages, without being an occasional situation that claims chairs.

Christos Christou then responded to the criticism regarding the budget, emphasizing that the other political forces should look at their party. "In previous years, they supported the Government's budget."

He added that "this year, with the vote against the budget, we sent messages to the Government regarding immigration, the Cyprus issue and the issues of the pandemic." He stressed that last year they would not punish society for the whims of two parties that remembered to oppose.

The President of ELAM also spoke about the measures implemented by the Government to reduce the coronavirus pandemic, clarifying that the measures must be reasonable and the state must respect the human rights and freedoms of citizens. "Strict measures did not lead us to the end of the pandemic," he said.

Mr. Christou disagreed with the decision to exclude the unvaccinated from the dining areas, explaining that he is against the mandatory vaccination. "A state can not force citizens to undergo a medical operation without wanting to."

Finally, Christos Christou avoided answering whether he is for or against vaccination. "I have not been vaccinated because I have not yet decided." He stressed that the state must take care not to violate the basic freedoms of citizens.

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