Tatar challenges: "Turkish Cypriots are not a community but an independent state"

Tatars provocative for Varosia and invites Greek Cypriots to the "compensation committee": "They remained closed due to intransigence of the Greek Cypriot side"

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The "presidency" of the pseudo-state states that the resolution of the Security Council for the renewal of the term of UNFICYP is "a shadow in the efforts for the resumption of the dialogue in order to see if there is common ground".

In a statement, the office of the Turkish Cypriot leader states that while on the one hand the SA states that it supports the efforts and the holding of a second, informal meeting in the near future, on the other hand it behaves as if there is common ground.

The Cyprus issue, he says, can be resolved through negotiations, when the two sides agree on their own that there is common ground.

The Turkish Cypriot side will not accept ready-made solutions, the announcement states, adding that the reason for the deadlock in the Cyprus issue is, as he says, the dominant position of the Greek Cypriot side and the inequality between the sides. It maintains, he continues, the position that it represents the whole island and the other side is a community. The Turkish Cypriots, he adds, are not a community but an "independent state" and are just as dominant as the Greek Cypriots.

He also said that Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar had made it clear to the Greek Cypriot negotiator and others in Geneva that the Turkish Cypriots would never give up their equality and equal international status. Only with recognition will they be able to start formal negotiations, he said.

The solution of the Cyprus problem is possible only on the basis of a cooperation relationship between two states that is based on the sovereign equality of the two parties and the equal international regime, it is added. The SA statement added that it had not been possible to find sufficient common ground and that it did not serve any purpose other than to maintain the status quo, according to the Tatar office. The Turkish Cypriot side will continue its constructive stance in all meetings and will take part in an informal second meeting, he added.

For Varosi, the "presidency" of the pseudo-state states that while it was one of the symbols of the status quo, as it remained closed due to the "uncompromising attitude" of the e / k leadership, it is now a pioneer of change on the island. The closed area of ​​Varosia, located in the area of ​​our Famagusta, "will now be part of our lives, gradually and taking into account the rights of its former inhabitants," says the office of the Turkish leader and refers to the "real estate committee" .