Simos Ioannou: He reclaims the Municipality of Famagusta

The current mayor, Simos Ioannou, announced his candidacy for Famagusta Municipality

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The current mayor, Simos Ioannou, announced his candidacy for Famagusta Municipality.

The announcement of:

Varosians and Varosians,
Dear fellow citizens,

This year marks 50 years since the Turkish invasion and occupation.

For half a century the flame of return smolders unquenchable in our souls.
A flame that we have a responsibility towards History and ourselves to keep burning.

Our duty is to work for the case of Famagusta through continuous information and enlightenment, in Cyprus and abroad. Demand the immediate return of legal residents under UN resolutions, under UN administration, as a catalyst for a comprehensive settlement. Let our voice be heard everywhere!

At the same time, we must keep the memory of our city alive. Our concern is to resist oblivion, committed to the goal of strengthening the social fabric of our city. The one that connects all the Famagusta people. Because this is what Famagusta is today: its people. They keep her alive for a full 50 years.

Dear fellow citizens,

I am asking for a renewal of your trust, so that I can continue as Mayor of Famagusta.

To continue with the same undying zeal to serve the city I was born and love.
So that we can all continue to fight and fight for the reunification of our country.
To continue unitedly to claim a return to our hometown.
Until we go home.
To build Famagusta and make it a jealous city again.

In the face of the visible danger of partition, we will not stop fighting for a moment.
We do not settle for possession.

We will keep Famagusta on the front line.
At the forefront of the fight for return, for peace and for reunification.

We owe it to ourselves, to our children and grandchildren, to the future generations of our country.