They discussed the Turkish challenges in Varosi in the plenary session of the European Parliament

The positions of the Cypriot MEPs on the issue of Varosia

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Members of the European Parliament took a stand on Turkey's illegal actions in Varos, during a plenary debate in the presence of EU High Representative Josep Borrell, with a view to the adoption of a relevant resolution on the issue next Thursday.


Specifically, “the ghosts of the dead inhabitants of Famagusta were wandering among the uninvited visitors to Varosia. The challenge is unbearable. With the opening of part of Varosia and its settlement, something that brings difficulties in the solution of the Cyprus problem, they undermine the work of the UN Secretary General. They are already talking about two states. Erdogan's provocation is not tamed, we saw it in Libya and Syria, it provokes Europeans. In order to make sense, targeted sanctions are needed ", stressed George Georgiou on behalf of the European Left (GUE).
"The Cyprus issue will be resolved if we start talks from where he stayed in Crans Montana, within the framework of the bi-zonal, bi-communal federation. "In order for the place and the region to be at peace and for the EU to save its credibility that Erdogan is provocatively undermining," he added.

For his part, Lefteris Christoforou of the European People's Party said: "We are discussing criminal acts by Turkey for my homeland Famagusta. In this country to date the EU has not imposed a single sanction and the EU continues to tolerate and fund it. As a European citizen, an ardent supporter of the EU and a representative of the European Parliament, I feel ashamed. The EU did not respect its values ​​and tolerated the actions of Erdogan and Turkey. How do you, Mr Borrell, feel about you, the Commission and the European Council? The customs union must stop and the sale of even one bullet that can be directed against Cyprus or the Armenians must be banned. Famagusta is the city of my dreams, 36 centuries of Greek and Christian history. No Erdogan can deprive us of it. But it is also a European city and yours, so defend our legal inhabitants. It is unacceptable and provocative for Erdogan to deprive me of my right to return to my ancestral home. How many sanctions crimes did you avoid saying today, Mr. Borrell? ” stressed.

"I was lucky to be born in Varosia, we left to escape the Turkish troops, it was not our choice," said Dimitris Papadakis of the Socialist and Democrat group. "A lot has happened since then. There was an agreement to return the city of Varosia to the legal residents, resolutions followed and I remember my mother packing her bags to go back. We thought that international law would prevail, but they were making fun of it as Turkey continues to make fun of the EU. To stop it, severe sanctions against Turkey are needed. "Return of the city of Famagusta to the legal residents", he concluded.

"Two messages to Turkey. "We demand the transfer of the area to the legal residents with a temporary UN administration and the withdrawal of Turkish occupying troops, who are also requesting UN resolutions", said during his intervention Costas Mavridis of the Socialists and Democrats. "Mr Borrell, with enough resolutions and agendas, as long as you insist on a policy of appeasement, you are at odds with EU principles and values ​​and with the majority of EU citizens. Because the EU is not just an arms trade with Turkey. "Our greatest interest is our values."

"Turkey's aggressive behavior is pre-planned. "We are talking about a blatant violation of international law, there are no reasons, it is dangerous," added Nacho Sanchez Amor of the Socialists. "It is a country that acts like this and has always done so on the international stage. "We have to give an answer from the EU. As things stand, let us deal with the issue as a whole, not as an individual incident," he said.

Representing the Liberals, Katalin Che said: "Tensions in the eastern Mediterranean have been high on the agenda for months. Turkish challenges jeopardize stability. It is involved in the affairs of an EU country, it does not respect international law, nor the rights of citizens. We must not be held hostage to Erdogan's policy, which creates hatred instead of consensus. We must send a strong message to Turkey that these cannot be accepted. "To threaten sanctions against Turkey if it does not come to the negotiating table."

"True leaders unite and do not divide. They do not own land, they do not imprison dissidents, they would not escalate relations with neighbors, they would have a vision for a democratic country, not for a country that oppresses. Turkey would deserve to have a leader. What we experienced in the Mediterranean, Cyprus and now in Varosia are signs of weakness, not leadership. And our resolution is to change this course. All this worries us. "It's the last moment, help us because it is the last chance we have," said Sergei Lagodinsky on behalf of the Greens.

"Varosia was the drop that overflowed the glass. This is a blatant violation of international law, it is directed against Cyprus, the UN and it is a challenge to the EU. In the last few days, the so-called pro-European rhetoric of Erdogan should not deceive us. If he wanted a positive course he would have canceled the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque, he would have taken Oruch Reyes from the Eastern Mediterranean, he would not have renewed Naftex, he would have apologized to the European leaders, he would not have done what he did in Varosia ", said for his part the head of the ND Eurogroup Evangelos Meimarakis. "This is a loss of European territory due to the occupation - Cyprus is all over the EU. None of this has been done by Erdogan. Enough with hypocrisy. We want strict sanctions for Turkey, an end to the arms embargo and even the suspension of the customs union. "Everything else is detrimental to the credibility and the future of the EU", stressed Evangelos Meimarakis.

"Before the ink of the conclusions dried up, Turkey continued the challenges from Libya to the Caucasus," said Nikos Androulakis of the Socialists. "By renaming the main boulevard and giving it the name of the invader in Cyprus, Erdogan is despising international law and you are ostriches. Make decisions to defend the dignity of the peoples you represent. To stop the arms trade in Turkey ", said N. Androulakis, to close by complaining that the European Parliament gave the floor to the elected with the Golden Dawn and convicted for a criminal organization Giannis Lagos. "Today is a day of shame for the European Parliament because you gave the floor to someone whom the Greek justice has convicted of a criminal organization for murder, shame!" He said.

During his deuterology, the High Representative noted the tension in some of the MEPs' positions and stressed that he understands the reasons, but clarified that he has a responsibility to find solutions.

Mr. Borrell reassured the members of the EP that the European Union is also on the side of Cyprus on behalf of its member states.

He also stressed that the European Union "supports the rapid resumption of talks on the settlement of the Cyprus problem, under the auspices of the UN, and is fully committed to a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem based on a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation with political equality, as defined in the relevant decisions of the Security Council ".

"We expect the same from Turkey and we will continue to work with it to contribute to this goal," he said.

He pointed out that he could not prejudge the decisions of the European Council, which, as he said, he was called to prepare. He clarified that we are at a critical point, but pointed out that the job of him and the EEAS is to find solutions and for this purpose he will continue to turn to Turkey. He concluded by saying that the European Council would consider the matter at its next meeting, as decided in October.

Source: KYPE