82% of coronavirus patients in the Referral Hospital are vaccinated - the youngest patient is 33 years old

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A percentage of 82% of patients with coronavirus who are treated at the General Hospital of Famagusta, which operates as a Referral Hospital, has not been vaccinated, said Amalia Hatzigianni, Scientific Director of the General Hospitals of Larnaca - Famagusta.

He added that "28 patients with coronavirus are being treated at the Famagusta Hospital, four of them in the MAF, as they need closer monitoring. The youngest patient is 33 years old, the oldest is 92, while the average age of the patients is 63 years ".

He added that "only five of the hospitalized patients have received the coronavirus vaccine while the percentage of people who have not been vaccinated remains at 82%. "Larnaca Hospital treats 12 patients with coronavirus, two of whom are in the MAF, while the Eden Rehabilitation Center in Tersefanou accommodates 85 people who will remain until their complete negativity."

Answering a relevant question, Ms. Hatzigianni wished "a good school year to the students who started today in the Lyceums, Gymnasiums and Technical Schools" and called on them "not to relax, to observe the measures of personal protection, to wear the mask and to keep their distance. Also, in case the students have any questions regarding the protection measures, they can discuss with the teachers ".

He added: "We urge students who may have any symptoms that may be related to coronavirus to not hesitate and report it immediately to their teachers, so that the Tracking Unit can be notified in a timely manner to remove cases and reduce the spread of the virus." . "Even where there is a desire for students to be vaccinated but they are reluctant to do so or have doubts, they can, in addition to the parents, discuss it with their teachers."

The Scientific Director of Larnaca - Famagusta General Hospitals called on "teachers to thoroughly check the SafePass and rapid tests of students and to observe the protection measures, so that the new school year runs smoothly, with the physical presence of students."

In another question, Ms. Hatzigianni replied that "taking into account that in August the coronavirus Delta mutation had prevailed 100% in Cyprus and in view of the new Mu mutation, which appeared in several European countries, the public is urged to proceed with vaccination in order to protect first and foremost the himself but also his loved ones ".