Achna Reaction: In Avgorou 32% of the treated water of the Biological Station in Achna

What did the community leaders of Achna and Avgorou say to "Phileleftheros"

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A project of utmost importance for free Famagusta, worth about € 45 million, is to start construction in two weeks in the area of ​​the Achna dam. This is the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Kokkinochorion Sewerage Complex, a project that will serve two municipalities and eight communities in the area.

As mentioned today in a report of the newspaper "Phileleftheros" and according to the president of the Sewerage Council of Kokkinochorion, Andro Karagianni, the construction of the project, according to the contracts will take 22 months, if everything goes smoothly. From this year, the residents concerned by the project will start paying fees to the Council of 0,4 per thousand of value, per piece which falls within the design of the network of communities and member municipalities.

The project began to be designed in the Water Department in the first years of the 2000s. It matured after 2010 and its construction would begin in 2013. However, appeals to the Tender Review Authority delayed it by seven whole years. On September 23, however, the "cube was thrown" and the relevant construction contracts were signed. However, before the Biological Station was built, new problems arose.

Reaction of Achniotes for the use of 32% of the treated water from Avgorou

Speaking to "Phileleftheros", the mayor of Achna, Nikos Vassilas, warned of a reaction from the people of Achni in case the Water Department and other competent bodies implement their intention to give Avgorou 32% of the treated water that will be produced at the Biological Station. He described this intention as irrational and unjust, stressing that the project will be carried out on the land of farmers in Achniotos and the relevant regulations, so far, provide that the treated water is first entitled to the community where the project is on its borders. "We are a rural community and at the same time livestock. This water is valuable for the production of grass and hay for the cows as well as for the irrigation of some tree crops and we absolutely need it. We will take all the actions and steps so that 32% of this water is not given to the community of Avgoros ", underlined Mr. Nikos Vassilas. He also said that the community will react to the possibility of taxation for the project and for the agricultural plots that are close to the settlement of the Achna Forest but have a purely agricultural use. "This is unfair and we will not accept it," he said.

What does the Common Leader Avgorou answer?

Commenting on the reports of the community leader Achnas, the community leader of Avgoros Panagiotis Michailas stated that he strongly disagrees with what his colleague claimed. If, he added, the intention is to "take down" what has been agreed so far for this great project, then he also raises the issue of consultations from the beginning, that is, he does not recognize what has been agreed so far and insists that he does not accept the sewers the other communities, through Avgorou. Also, Mr. Michaelas stressed that Avgorou is not going to consent and sign two expropriations that are needed in order for the project to proceed and specifically, for the pumping station to operate.

Within two years, the Sewage Treatment Plant will be put into operation

According to the president of the Sewerage Council of Kokkinochorion, mayor of Deryneia Andro Karagiannis, the issue of creating the Biological Station of Achna amounting to approximately € 45 million, has been pending since 2013, when the memorandum of cooperation and understanding was signed with the Department of Water Development. The project was expected to be completed by the end of 2015. However, this time-consuming seven-year process arose before the Tender Review Authority, where appeals were submitted. After several steps and many letters from the Sewerage Council of Kokkinochoria, said Mr. Karagiannis, we reached the positive result, about two weeks ago. That is, to inform us that the project has finally been assigned and if all goes well, within about two years, in 22 months, the Wastewater Treatment Plant will operate in the area of ​​Achna. After so many years of effort. The contracts were signed on September 23 and the company promised that within about two weeks, it will start work.

Mr. Karagiannis also said that there is a decision of the Council to create some prefabricated, at the moment, offices in the area, until there is permanent housing in the Processing Station.

He also added that the Biological Station will be created in an area northeast of the Achna dam. Answering a question, Mr. Karagiannis stated that in the case of some members who completed their sewerage networks some years ago, it is not excluded that they may have been damaged, due to the long time it took for them to connect. "Let's hope that good work has been done and we will not have these problems either. But it is a potential problem. The network remains inactive for up to ten years from the date it was built ", said Mr. Karagiannis. The Municipal Stations of Deryneia and Sotira will be served by the Achna Biological Station, as well as the communities of Avgoros, Achnas, Frenaros, Acheritos-Agios Georgios Vrysoullos, Liopetri, Ormidia, Xylotympos and Xylofagos.

Concluding, Mr. Karagiannis stated that there is already a decision of the Sewerage Council of Kokkinochoria, to impose the lowest fee, 0,4 per thousand, per piece, with prices of 2018. Aiming at the lowest possible burden on citizens, taking into account the problems with the coronavirus. This tax will have the purpose, proportionally, of repaying the loan taken by all the members of the Council, for the construction of the Station. The tax will start to be paid from 2020.

Source: Phileleftheros / Pampos Vassilas