Andria Ioannou and Zoi Fylaktidou introduce us their own brand of clothes (INTERVIEW)

Andria and Zoe from the province of Famagusta who innovate with their own fashion brand

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Interview with Christiana Markou:

Η Life of Fylaktidou and Andria Ioannou pioneering with their talent and elegance having already charted their own path in fashion with unique designs in their own clothing brand, the "Circle, the brand". With the motto "We are all connected in the circle of life"  disregarded even the arrival of the pandemic, which has suspended the operation of many other sectors, and continue to fashion in our new reality.

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To get to know them better…. Η Amulet life was born and raised in Cyprus. He has worked as a costume designer abroad initially and later as an assistant director with a background in the television series industry for 7 years. In 2016 she obtained her degree in Moving Image from the University of Brighton in Britain.

Η Andria Ioannou was born and raised in Cyprus. Studied at Middlesex University London, BA Visual Communication / Graphic Design and then did a postgraduate course at Northumbria University Newcastle, MA Design / Fashion. He works in an office and as a freelancer Graphic Designer.

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How did the idea for creating your own brand start? What inspired you to create it?

Our cooperation goes far back. For years we wanted to collaborate and create our own brand. But life brought them differently and this collaboration took a few years. We now feel more experienced and ready to devote the time needed for this new beginning.

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Which buying audience are you addressing?

Anyone can feel comfortable with our collections! No age and identity limits!

What does "circle" mean to you?

The circle is one of the most powerful symbols and represents unity, the world, completeness, perfection etc! Represents the principle and the end as a circle. Our motto «We are all connected in the circle of life». All these represent us! Also fashion makes circles!

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How do you imagine the future of your brand in the coming years?

We think it will go quite well because we are in an era where people started looking a lot in terms of fashion, having questions about what to wear, wanting to be different and asking for quality. Fashion is always moving fast and as we said before it makes circles! Patience and perseverance are needed for a future as we imagine it for our own brand!

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What does a woman mean to you and what do you want to give her through her clothes?

We are women and of course we support women! Listening to the needs they have today we try through our collections to meet their needs. We would like the women who choose our pieces to feel beautiful, happy and above all themselves.

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Do you have men's fashion in your immediate plans?

We have already included in our collections some pieces that are unisex. It is something that interests us and we would like to have in our next collections.

Who is the woman you have in mind when planning?

His wife today. A woman who has as a model the best version of herself. A woman who has power, rights and a voice.

How much has the crisis changed our relationship with fashion?

One can say that through this difficult situation that we all experience now, to make us realize that we do not need as many new clothes as we did in the past. Maybe this is a good opportunity to learn to live with fewer and better products. Of course it is important to support all the good professionals, men and women, who have to offer a quality product that concerns us. We at "Circle the brand" give the necessary importance to the choice of fabrics and we try to make our clothes unique for everyone who chooses them.

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What clothes do you find very hot this winter and how do you recommend it?

Oversized shirts. This year the oversized generally has its honor. Shirts should not be missing from our closets, as it is something you can wear at all hours & in different ways Shirts can also be worn by both sexes.

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What are your sources of inspiration?

Our inspiration is the world around us. Every little detail, whether it is a landscape or a color, anything that can inspire you.

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What is the biggest stylistic mistake of Cypriot women?

You can not say that the Cypriot woman stylistically makes mistakes. Basically there is no right and wrong. Fashion is something that everyone uses as a form of expression. This is the most important thing that you wear gives you the confidence to be the best version of yourself.

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