EXCLUSIVE: The 2034 World Cup in Cyprus and Dubai – Games in Famagusta

New stadiums worth tens of millions are coming to Famagusta province to host World Cup stars - Where will they be built

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The biggest event that Cyprus has ever hosted is expected to take place in 2034. The reason is the Football World Cup (Mundial), which according to exclusive information obtained by Famagusta.News is expected to be held on our island and mainly in the province of Famagusta.

Preparations for the nomination appear to be still at an early stage and according to the information, it is a proposal being prepared by the Dubai, which, however, in order to be able to support an attractive candidacy, attempts to include a country from Europe. The choice of Cyprus was made mainly because of proximity since it is the closest state to the country of the United Arab Emirates, while another reason is the relations that the two countries have developed, on the one hand due to the large number of Cypriot visitors who travel to Dubai and on the other hand of the significant number of Dubai nationals who have acquired a Cypriot passport and by extension property on the island.

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Five stadiums worth tens of millions of euros are coming

In fact, Dubai's "petrodollars" seem to make a catalytic contribution to the successful organization of the World Cup, as the agreement includes provision for Dubai itself to build up to five international standard football stadiums, mainly in the province of Famagusta. The epilogy of the province of Famagusta was made mainly because of the beaches that are expected to host the hundreds of fans as well as the two marinas (Agia Napa and Paralimni) which for those days are expected to be transformed into "Monaco" hosting hundreds of luxury yachts.

As for the new stadiums, these are expected to come after the reconstruction of the already existing stadiums. The "Tassos Markou" stadium of the Municipality of Paralimni is expected to be the central stadium where the semi-final will be hosted, while the stadiums of Anagennisi Deryneia, Onisilos Sotiras, Achyrona Liopetriou and Frenaros will receive a significant upgrade in infrastructure through their reconstruction. while Ayia Napa will provide the training infrastructure for international missions.

Reactions to the selection of the region

On the other hand, there were also reactions and complaints about the choice of the region where the World Cup will be held, with Paphos expressing strong complaints with the excuse that it has always been entitled to more than the free province of Famagusta. Nicosia highlights the fact that it is the Capital, while in Limassol and Larnaca the most intense complaints arise from the residents who put forward the argument that the event cannot be held in a province whose metropolis is unfortunately occupied, and request that the whole event to be held in Limassol and Larnaca, the cities where most of the voters of Famagusta province live. The issue cannot be ruled out to be discussed before the Parliament's Interior Committee, whose deputies will measure the reactions from Qatar's initiative to choose Kokkinohoria as the host region for the games, it is not ruled out that they may ask the co-organizing country to have second thoughts or even and the withdrawal of Cyprus' participation if the resulting demands are not met.

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