AYIA NAPA: Memorandum of cooperation between the marinas of Ayia Napa, Rhodes, Symi and Kos (VIDEO+PICTURES)

A new era for maritime tourism with the establishment of the Eastern Mediterranean Marine Network

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The companies that manage the marinas of Ayia Napa, Rhodes, Symi and Kos jointly set up the Eastern Mediterranean Marina Network (EMNA) with the main objective of upgrading the services provided to yacht owners and the further development of maritime tourism in the wider region. of the Eastern Mediterranean. The memorandum of cooperation was signed today, Monday, December 4, 2023 at the Event Center of the Ayia Napa Marina by representatives of the management companies of the collaborating marinas in the presence of representatives of the competent agencies and ministries of the Republic of Cyprus. The Marina of Ayia Napa was represented by the Director of the Marina, Kostas Fitiris.

See the shots recorded by the lens of Famagusta.News:

According to the signed Memorandum of Cooperation, the four Marines that are members of the Network will cooperate with the aim of achieving the best promotion policies and formulating conditions for development and cooperation. Each Marina member of the DMAMM will participate in actions to promote the development of maritime tourism in the Mediterranean in the field of yachting. At the same time, they will make every effort to provide a high level of service to the network's customers, who will enjoy exclusive privileges at the four member Marinas. Also, the members are committed to jointly organize promotion activities of the Marinas such as conferences, exhibitions and events, to organize joint seminars for the continuous training and information of employees on issues of promotion, development, safe management, international practices and know-how. Finally, they will exchange views on alternative sources of green energy with the aim of zero pollution footprint regarding the operation of the facilities and the docking of the vessels.

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"Today is an important day for maritime tourism, not only for Cyprus but for the wider region of the Eastern Mediterranean. Four marinas in some of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, Cyprus, Rhodes, Symi and Kos, we join forces with the main objective of upgrading our services at all levels and exchanging opinions and know-how with the aim of improving and developing maritime tourism that is a vital sector for the economy of Greece and Cyprus. Because only through cooperation, competition and mutual understanding, we will be able not only to maintain the high level of service we offer to boat owners but to go even higher for the benefit of not only our customers but also the maritime sector of both countries in general", said Mr. Fitiris immediately after signing the cooperation.

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It is worth noting that the cycle of signatures of the agreement will close with a similar ceremony which will be held in Athens between December 6 and 8, 2023, during the Athens Boat Show.

This is the greeting of the Managing Director of Marina Agia Napa, Stavros Karamontanis

"Dear Media Representatives,
Friends and dear staff,

On behalf of Marina Ayia Napa, I welcome you to today's ceremony. A ceremony which is the beginning of a long-term collaboration and the opening of the sails with a view to strengthening and upgrading Maritime Tourism in the Eastern Mediterranean. A first – but very important – step, which takes place between Greece and Cyprus. That is, between two countries with a long history and a long tradition in the sea and shipping.

I cannot hide that it is with great pleasure and honor that I am here today, together with all of you, to jointly witness a historic – if I may use the term – partnership in the naval activities of the two countries.

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A partnership which charts a new and promising common course for the Marinas of Rhodes, Kos, Symi and Ayia Napa in the first stage. A partnership that has the ultimate goal of offering an improved and more comprehensive experience to boat owners and crews, who will enjoy comprehensive services during their stay at the network's Marinas.

At the same time, the export of knowledge and know-how between the staff of the Marinas of the network must be considered equally important, which will be beneficial both for the organizations themselves and for the end users of the services.

Not wanting to go on too long because the main speech today must go to the representatives of the Marines who worked together with will and strength so that we are all here today, thank you for your presence today at the signing of the founding document - memorandum of cooperation of the Marine Network Eastern Mediterranean.

I am absolutely sure that the future of the newly established network will be bright and promising.

Thank you all very much.”