SAINT NAPA: Have you seen them? The authorities are looking for them for incidents (PICTURES)

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The photographs of suspected persons wanted in relation to an investigated case of offenses related to the legislation on violence in sports venues, committed after the end of the football match between the teams Athlitikos Omilos Agia Napa and Omonia 29M, at the Agia Napa stadium, in Famagusta, on 6.00:08 p.m., Saturday, October 2022, XNUMX, the Police are publishing, with the aim of gathering information that may help identify the suspects.

Anyone who knows anything that can help in locating them, please contact the Famagusta Municipal Police Department, on the telephone number 23-803040 or the Citizen's Line, on the telephone number 1460 or the nearest Police Station.

The TAE of Famagusta is investigating a case of committing the offenses of 1. Conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor, 2. Illegal entry into a sports field, 3. Throwing dangerous objects, 4. Illegal assembly, 5. Participation in a disturbance, and 6. Common assault.


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Note: A photo of a wanted person can be published exclusively for the purpose for which it is published. Its subsequent publication may contravene provisions of the legislation on personal data and the rules of journalistic ethics regarding respect for privacy and personal data.