Renti: The 16-year-old's DNA is in a flare launcher - Gunpowder in the hand of the 26-year-old manager

The new revelations about the persons who seem to have starred in the bloody episodes are shocking


The new revelations about the persons who seem to have starred in the bloody incidents in Rentis with the serious injury of the 31-year-old policeman after throwing a naval flare are shocking.

After today's remand, with the agreement of the investigator and prosecutor, of the 18-year-old accused of injuring the policeman with the flare, new evidence has come to the fore.

Fire a flare

In particular, according to information from police sources cited by APE, the results of examinations and analyzes by the Forensic Laboratories of EL.AS. they identified the DNA of the 16-year-old brother of the 18-year-old remanded in custody, on a fragment of a naval flare launcher, which was used during the attack on the police officers.

Additionally, according to the same sources, gunpowder was found in the hands of the 16-year-old.


In the episodes and the manager

At the same time, gunpowder was also found in the hands of a 26-year-old, who is a trapper manager, and who from the first moment had entered the "microscope" of the authorities.

These new elements have already been made available to the investigative authorities and are being evaluated.

These rapid developments come to overturn the claims of both individuals who in the previous days have denied their participation in the incidents.

In particular, the role of the 26-year-old manager has come under the microscope of investigations. He is considered a key person in the case who knows people and situations, with a leading role in a fan association in Western Attica and participation in serious fan incidents in the past.

The mentor

The investigations of EL.AS. are also continuing regarding the identification of the person who, according to the testimony of the 18-year-old, guided them in the attack against the police and supplied them with the "munitions of war".

Despite these rapid developments, information indicates that the Police do not intend to make any arrests immediately. After all, the investigations and any developments are determined by the supervising prosecuting authority and it is expected that the warrants will be issued in a phase of greater completion of the pre-investigation process, so that the roles of the people involved in the incidents have emerged.

Imprints on launcher

Earlier, fingerprints and DNA evidence were found on a naval flare launch tube, according to MEGA's main news bulletin.

These findings were identified and belong to a person who was among the 424 arrested.

As pointed out, the specific person is young and has not been arrested. It has also not been clarified whether the specific flare was the one that hit the 31-year-old policeman.

The judicial authorities handling the case have been informed of this new development.

New identifications

It is worth noting that the Forensic Laboratories have already identified other items seized from the stadium with people who were among the 424 arrested.

In the meantime, after the agreement of the investigator and the prosecutor, the 18-year-old who confessed to having fired a flare at the policeman was deemed to be in custody. Shortly before his apology, he had submitted a request to be included in the witness protection program, with the request being rejected by the judicial authorities.

Changed defensive line

Initially, during the preliminary investigation, the 18-year-old had said that he threw the flare, but did not aim at the policeman. As he said, he found the flare on the road and then saw the policeman kneeling next to his colleagues.

However, now the 18-year-old during his apology retracted his confession, changing the long-distance line and stating that he threw the flare, but he does not know if it was the one that hit the 31-year-old policeman.

At the same time, the 18-year-old claimed that there was another person nearby, behind a car, who threw a flare towards the police officer.

As the accused said, he cannot describe him, while he asked to be checked if the policeman was hit by his own flare.