AGIA NAPA / Tragic end: The man who fell from the Bridge of Lovers is dead

The man who was pulled from the rocks is dead after all - He was trying to take pictures

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According to Steve Theodoulou, press representative of the Famagusta Police Department, "around 6.30:29 in the afternoon of Saturday, April XNUMX, the Police received information that there is a body of an unknown man on the rocks where the Lovers' Bridge is located in Ayia Napa. Men from the Police Station of Agia Napa, the TAE of Famagusta, the Fire Service and the EMAK went to the scene and are making an effort to retrieve the body."

He added that "so far the details of the unknown man have not been clarified. According to the first information, the unknown person was probably on the particular bridge and was trying to take pictures, when under circumstances that are being investigated, he seems to have lost his balance and fell into the void about ten meters deep.