Ayia Napa: 40-year-old man was beaten outside a nightclub - Handcuffs on three people

He was beaten on various parts of his body

xylodarmos exclusive, XYLODARMOS

Police arrested three people yesterday, in order to facilitate the investigations regarding an investigated assault case, which was committed in the early hours of last Sunday (12/6/2022), in the province of Famagusta. These are two 36 years old and a 32 year old, against whom testimony was obtained during the examination of the case.

According to the data under examination around 3 p.m. of 12 June, while 40-year-old, was outside a nightclub in the province of Famagusta, was attacked by a number of people, which allegedly hit him in various parts of his body.

The 40-year-old was injured in the attack and was transported to the General Hospital of Famagusta, where he was found to have suffered a bruise on his scalp and abrasions on various parts of his body. After receiving first aid, he was released.

From the police examinations, a testimony emerged against two 36-year-olds and a 32-year-old. Arrest warrants were issued against them, under which they were arrested yesterday and detained in order to facilitate the investigations.

This morning the three arrested were brought before the Famagusta District Court, which issued against them six-day detention order.

TAE Famagusta is investigating the case.