Karousos: Today a politician "left" prematurely

His farewell to Socrates Hasikos - He mentions the contribution of Socrates Hasikos for works done in Ayia Napa.

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The post of the Minister of Transport, Giannis Karousos, about the loss of Socrates Hasikos, causes emotion.

Giannis Karousos in his last farewell to Socrates Hasikos mentions the contribution of the former Minister of Interior for projects that took place in Ayia Napa.

The post:

Today, a politician, a friend who was always on the front lines defending the good of our country, "left" prematurely.

Socrates Hasikos and I collaborated during the period when I was the Mayor of Ayia Napa and he was the Minister of Interior. We fought several "battles" on many levels. He was dynamic, straightforward, who in difficult times did not hide and made decisions without fear of any cost.
A real dude in politics.
I remember several characteristic moments with him.

The management of the beaches.
We were discussing the issue of beaches for cots and when there was my reaction to the law that the Parliament would pass, according to which it extended to individuals for another 10 years (something that I considered unacceptable), he told me by clapping his hand on the table and agreeing with me, "I am not going to accept such a thing, I will ask the PD to make a referral".
The Parliament passed the law, Hasikos asked the PD to return it, as he did. Then came the vindication by the Supreme Court, thus beginning the great effort by the Municipality to take over the management of the beaches of Ayia Napa, which resulted in at least 3.5m. annual income from cots. Following this development, other Municipalities of Cyprus took over the management of their beaches.

The regeneration of the coastal front.
We must not forget that because of Socrates Hasikos, Ayia Napa has today one of the best urban projects that has been implemented, the regeneration of the coastal front. As soon as I found out that the Department of Urban Planning "cut" the coastal front from its budgets, I went uninvited to his office. I called him on his cell phone and told him: "I'm out of your office and I want to see you urgently".
He opens the door for me and after hearing me explain how important the project was, he calls the Director of the Department of Urban Planning directly. After a discussion she says: "I do not care what you do, the coastal front will be in the budgets". And he came in !. (The photo is from the day we laid the foundation stone in November 2016).

Works in Ayia Napa are also stamped, which are currently being completed or announced, such as the restoration of the Monastery, the renovation of the streets of the center (Tefkrou Anthia, Giannaki Pappouli, Dionysiou Solomou etc.).

His intervention in the characterization of Ayia Napa in 2014 as an urban center is of key importance, since through the characterization the financing of these projects was secured.
The last time I saw him, when I was already a minister, he said to me: "Caruso continued modestly and humbly".

Socrates Hasikos leaves sealing the politics of our place, offering as few as possible. Cyprus owes him a lot. We will never forget him.

May his memory live forever.