Cape Greco: Fine for building a monastery - Complaints about arbitrary interventions (VIDEO+PICTURES)

The Holy Diocese of Constantia and Famagusta proceeded to terminate the work - The church supports the construction of the project on a plot of land

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Arbitrary earthworks and illegal construction works for the construction of a monastery, without the required environmental approvals and planning permits, are being examined by the Environment Department and the Thira Service in Ayia Napa.

According to the information, it is about the construction of the Holy Monastery of Saints Ephraim and Catherine, which the Church of Agia Napa in the area of ​​Kavo Greko is proceeding with and about which the Phileleftheros newspaper hosted an extensive report on Saturday, March 23, 2024 entitled "Sacred illegality in the area of ​​Cabo Greco".

According to the publication, complaints were submitted to the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment and the Department of Environment visited the area confirming them.

As the publication states, the interventions appear to have been carried out without the required environmental approvals and building permits, while it is claimed that the project falls entirely within the protected areas of the Natura 2000 network of the Special Conservation Zone (SZD) and the Special Protection Zone (SZP). Cape Greco.

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The Deputy Director of the Department of the Environment, Theodoulos Mesimeris, stated that strict recommendations were made for the immediate cessation of work after it was found that the work was not being carried out within the requirements of the institutional framework.

According to information, the Game Service carried out an on-site visit and proceeded to impose an extrajudicial fine of 2.000 euros due to the degradation of the habitat and disturbance of the wild fauna.

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However, from the side of the church it is claimed that there was neither environmental intervention, nor clearing, but neither deforestation on the specific piece of land, which is agricultural and cultivated, which establishes that there was no deforestation.

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The Holy Diocese of Constantia - Famagusta, however, proceeded to the immediate termination of the works while procedures are being carried out regarding the submission of all studies to secure the project's licensing.

Source: Sigma TV / Famagusta.News