Ayia Napa Marina: Contra Audit Service - Min. Interior for renting state land

The Auditor General is trying to involve a person in the family environment of President Anastasiadis because he belongs to the Board of Directors of the Ayia Napa marina

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"Contra" broke out between the Ministry of Interior and the Audit Office after the publication of a report by the Audit Office for the Ministry of Tourism and the reports on the lease of state land for the Ayia Napa marina.

In a statement, the Ministry of Interior stated, among other things, that "the Council of Ministers decided in accordance with the suggestions of all competent services, including the Legal Service, which approved the content of the lease agreement."

"Instead of the Auditor General interpreting the provisions of the relevant Regulations and leaving hints for possible involvement of the President of the Republic in the whole process, it would be ethically more correct to lodge his disagreement with what the Regulations contain and to suggest the their modification ", he adds.

The Audit Office returned after the announcement of the Ministry with a new announcement in which it states that, "the Audit Office did not leave any implication in its report, it only recorded facts. The lease was decided by the Council of Ministers, and one of the Directors of the company is a person from the family environment of the President of the Republic. Also, between the years 2018 and 2020, eight persons who are directors of a parent company ('s) exceptionally obtained Cypriot citizenship by Decision of the Council of Ministers, in violation of the applicable criteria, provided by the law firm in which the subsidiaries have an interest of the President of the Republic. Should we silence these facts?

This is the announcement of the Audit Office:

Source: Sigmalive