"Always Ayia Napa": This is the new face of Ayia Napa

photo1 Always Ayia Napa, exclusive, Giannis Karousos, Nea Famagusta

The new tourist development axes of the Municipality of Ayia Napa, as well as the Always Ayia Napa platform were presented today, Tuesday, December 11, at the Pralina Experience, in Nicosia. The presentation was made by the Mayor of Ayia Napa, Giannis Karousos, the General Manager of Red Wolf Digital Group and head of the consortium, with W2strategy, for the provision of online and tourist promotion of the Municipality, Costas Daltas and the co-founders of Demizzotis, W2strategy company and Kostis Kapopoulos.

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With the vision of making Ayia Napa the best cosmopolitan resort in the Mediterranean, with complete tourist experience and sustainable development for the region, the brand "Always Ayia Napa" was created.

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The vision of Ayia Napa, from the Mayor Mr. Giannis Karousos  

The presentation was opened by the Mayor of Ayia Napa, who after welcoming the participants referred to the long-term plan of Ayia Napa, which began in 2013 and is expected to be completed in 2030, to make the area the best cosmopolitan resort in the Mediterranean, with several projects. infrastructure have already been rolled out.

Regarding the online, tourist promotion of Ayia Napa, which is the largest online tourist destination campaign in Cyprus, Giannis Karousos specifically stated: "The central axis of our strategy is the repositioning of the name of Ayia Napa, the brand name of Ayia Napa. We have set as a goal 75% of the promotion of the Municipality of Ayia Napa to be done through digital marketing, since the standard methods of promotion of our tourist product have now been overcome. "Our concern is for Always Ayia Napa, on social media, to gain tens of thousands of followers, so that each of our posts is a message to millions of targeted recipients in Cyprus and abroad."

photo2 Always Ayia Napa, exclusive, Giannis Karousos, Nea Famagusta

Then the Mayor referred to the budget of Ayia Napa for 2019, which is the largest that the Municipality has ever had and has as its main feature the development. This is a budget surplus of 3,6 million euros with 19,2 million revenues and 15,6 million expenditures, which includes development projects such as the renovation of parks, the beach front, the open-air amphitheater and the Cultural Center. as well as the transformation of the Medieval Castle into a Museum. All these projects will contribute to the continuous and quality upgrade of the tourist product of Ayia Napa.

The Mayor's reference to the recent signing of a cooperation agreement with the city of Quangzhou, China, was also important. It is one of the biggest diplomatic successes at the local level, as Ayia Napa has signed a co-operation agreement with one of China's most important cities, which is also China's commercial port, with 20m. population and GDP over 36 billion.

In conclusion, the Mayor said: "We believe that Ayia Napa can be a model of development for the whole of Cyprus. The steps we have taken in recent years with the differentiation and expansion of the services and products we offer, are steps that can be taken throughout Cyprus and which the new Deputy Minister of Tourism must emphasize. ".

Online experience - Platform presentation

The General Manager of Red WolF Digital Group, Costas Daltas presented the Always Ayia Napa platform. As he mentioned, this is a modern innovative platform. A platform that brings Agia Napa to the forefront of search engines and is the most essential tool for the online and not only promotion of the tourism product of Ayia Napa.

"It is an interactive tool - a guide for the visitor and the future visitor of Ayia Napa, as it can search and be informed about the hotels that exist in the area, the beaches and the facilities that each beach offers, the activities and experiences that can live in Ayia Napa, as well as for events in the area. Visitors today are looking for comprehensive tourism experiences, not just destinations, and trust online communities in their research process, using more than one screen. They are influential and give weight to online reviews, tourist websites and online sources with reliability. To this end, we have created an interactive platform, unique in Cyprus, that is the best guide to make the experience of every visitor to Ayia Napa unforgettable. ", as specifically stated.

The new axes of tourist development and the new identity of the Municipality of Ayia Napa

The presentation was completed by the co-founders of W2strategy, Dimitris Maziotis and Kostis Kapopoulos, who referred to the axes of tourist development of Ayia Napa, in the presentation of the new identity and the pages on social media.

 The four main marketing goals focus on the following:

  1. Progressive change of guest mix.
  2. Improving the visitor's experience with the participation of the local community.
  3. Change of overall perception - connection for the offered tourist product of the area.
  4. Attracting visitors for short break holidays.

As Mr. Kapopoulos specifically stated: "Ayia Napa attracts visitors from 3 main markets (England, Russia, Scandinavian countries). At the same time it attracts visitors for two main tourist products offered (sun and sea / entertainment). The main goal is to change the mix of visitors both at the level of countries of origin and in market segments. To achieve this, coherent tourism products (main and secondary) should be developed and displayed, which should take into account the preferences of visitors and be shaped in such a way as to meet their needs. In essence, we are creating a reverse process: tourist products and their promotion incorporate the needs of visitors who come to the wider area. The goal is to gradually change the general perception of the product offered by Ayia Napa. To achieve this we need to create complementary tourism products, which are addressed to different audiences (markets and market segments) and link them to the main products offered ".

The report of Mr. Kapopoulos on the attraction of visitors for short break holidays was also important. This type of vacation is mainly aimed at the markets of Greece, Israel and Lebanon and refers to both events and a tourist product offered beyond the Sun and Sea. In order to attract these visitors, on the one hand, coherent, thematic tourist products should be created and on the other hand, the thematic events that are already being organized in Ayia Napa should be screened.

Mr. Maziotis in turn presented the new identity of Ayia Napa and as he said Following the example of tourist areas in Cyprus and abroad, we have created a special identity for the tourist product of Ayia Napa, where it incorporates all the elements that compose the tourist "experience" of the destination. Identity is defined as the name, symbol, logo, and slogan that identifies and differentiates a destination. in addition, it communicates the promise of an unforgettable travel experience that is uniquely linked to the destination ”.

The presentation ended with the presentation of the social media of Ayia Napa, where Always Ayia Napa's Facebook page already lists 27.000 page likes, 5.573.217 total reach and 6.130.520 total impressions.

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