Residents in Deryneia are upset after the news: "We feel insecure"

They demand measures from the state

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The residents of the Municipality of Deryneia are upset after the new actions of the occupying authorities, while they are demanding measures from the state to increase the feeling of security.

For a week now, there has been a tension in the creation of fortification works to the right of the roadblock up to the area of ​​Kappari in Paralimni, as the Mayor of Deryneia, Andros Karagiannis, complained on Sigma's Front Page show.

A resident of Deryneia Municipality speaking to Famagusta News said that "it is worrying that we are so close, the authorities should take some measures because people feel insecure".

Another resident of Deryneia Municipality said that "we feel insecure and urge the state to take measures. The state should assume their responsibilities because it is a matter of community safety."

"We feel insecure wherever we are in Deryneia." "There's a ton of concern in everyday life when we see some bulldozing going on."

The Government Spokesperson yesterday, commenting on the reports of the mayor of Deryneia, clarified that the Turkish actions in the area are not within the dead zone. Nevertheless, there is a concern from the Greek Cypriot side with the competent authorities monitoring the matter.