DERYNEIA: Social sports fields in the dead zone

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The Municipality of Deryneia creates social sports fields in the dead zone.

As the Mayor of Deryneia, Andros Karagiannis, stated to KYPE, “a large, bi-communal project is underway, specifically the social sports fields, which will be constructed within the dead zone in the area of ​​Deryneia. "All the necessary steps have already been taken in the United Nations and in the competent Ministries and services in order to ensure the green light for their creation", he added.

However, he continued, "due to the developments that exist with the coronavirus pandemic, we are waiting" noting at the same time that "we are not going to leave this project and we will insist on its implementation".

Explaining the plans for the stadiums, the Mayor said that "essentially in the first stage, football and sand sports stadiums will be built for which efforts will be made to be funded by international organizations. "The German ambassador to Cyprus has already assured us that his country is willing to support this initiative as well as other bi-communal actions," he said.

The goal, said Mr. Karagiannis, is "the stadiums that will be built very close to the roadblock, to be available to young people from both communities, while the management will be the Municipality of Deryneia".

Asked about the bi-communal garage, the Mayor said that "this large bi-communal initiative was launched in the summer of 2018 and is located very close to the roadblock. The Municipality proceeded with the procedures of upgrading the space and in the renewal of the employment contract of the responsible officer, sending the message that any problems and obstacles between the two sides, will not stand in the way ".

As he pointed out, "the bi-communal garage officially opened its gates on July 9, 2018, after the garage of the late Andreas Theoris was properly configured, after it was given by the family to the Municipality of Deryneia, to create a building that will accommodate Greek Cypriots and Turks who will be invited daily to discuss the prospects for resolving the Cyprus issue through dialogue. "