"Construction and improvement of the road network of Deryneia"

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By Andros Karagiannis *

One of the most serious problems we face as local authorities is the poor condition of the road network within our municipal boundaries. The Municipality of Deryneia is one of the municipalities, which still pays the damages from the destruction of the road network due to the construction of the sewerage network and the multiple landslides.

As a local authority we have spent € 1,6m. for the reconstruction and improvement of 20 kilometers of road network, while there are still 10 kilometers left for the improvement of the entire road network within our municipal boundaries. The € 2m. approximately that will be spent on the improvement of the road network will be paid by the municipal fund. The state has contributed the amount of approximately € 500 thousand for the improvement of the roads.

The start of the urban planning project on Stadiou Street, the road that connects our Municipality with the neighboring Municipality of Sotira, is expected soon. The project is expected to cost € 13m. approximately and the Municipality of Deryneia will contribute 1/5 of the total cost of the project. We hope that Arch. Makariou GD Street, the road that connects the Municipality of Deryneia with the neighboring community of Frenaros, will be executed as an urban project, like the other urban projects of Famagusta and Eleftherias Avenues that connect Deryneia with Famagusta. Municipality of Paralimni respectively.

But it is not enough just to have a tolerable road network but we need sidewalks and bike paths, as it is proven that citizens want to walk and play sports in general. Unfortunately, within the traditional core of our municipality there are not enough sidewalks, since several houses were built around the middle of the 20th century without the owners being forced to build sidewalks, while several houses were built next to the road, which was originally a dirt road with over the years a rough asphalt paved.

Pursuant to Article 17 of the Law on the Regulation of Roads and Buildings, when the local authority deems that a road should be properly constructed, reconstructed or improved, it may take a decision, prepare plans, specifications and measurements for this work and inform about them. owners or affected citizens. The cost of construction and improvement of roads, ie the construction of roads and / or sidewalks is borne by the owners.

There are also difficult cases where sidewalks cannot be built if the walls are not demolished, but with a good mood and cooperation with the owners a solution can be found. The same applies to commercial developments within the traditional core, where the provision of parking spaces can be solved by acquiring the required parking spaces.

Damaged road network, poor signs, limited visibility at intersections due to obstacles such as trees, signs, illegally parked cars lead to serious accidents and the responsibility lies with the local authorities. The Municipality of Deryneia, despite the limited secretarial and labor staff, is making enormous efforts to improve the road network and dangerous traffic points. The recent hiring of a permanent Municipal Engineer will help us overcome the serious problems of road safety and we hope that in cooperation with the citizens, we will promote the private initiative for further improvement of the central squares, restoration of old traditional houses and promotion of our cultural heritage.

Citizens need infrastructure, projects, small and large, but also security, both for themselves and their children. We in Deryneia, despite the difficulties of "criticality", try to satisfy the citizens as much as possible, even attracting several permanent residents from other areas.

The road network is the first image the visitor sees in a local authority. If we win the first impression, we will satisfy the people and we will arouse their interest for a possible permanent installation in our remote Municipality.

* Mayor of Deryneia