Clean Monday with a pilgrimage to Agia Marina within the dead zone of Deryneia

Touching moments were experienced by those who attended Agia Marina within the dead zone of Deryneia

AGIAMARINA exclusive, Agia Marina, Deryneia, Dead Zone

At the small church of Agia Marina, within the dead zone in Deryneia, Deryneites and excursionists from the province of Famagusta rushed to worship yesterday.

On the occasion of Clean Monday, after approving a request to the United Nations, the Municipality of Deryneia secured the required permits so that the citizens could visit the Byzantine chapel of Agia Marina, renovated by the Department of Antiquities, in the dead zone.

A breath away from the enclosed city of Famagusta, the excursionists ventured out into nature to enjoy their walk.

Due to the bad weather conditions that prevailed in the morning hours in the Famagusta District, it was not possible for the excursionists to gather and cut the "mutti" of Lent.

Touching moments were experienced by those who attended Agia Marina within the dead zone of Deryneia.

The hikers spoke to the SIGMA camera and reported that “we feel very happy to have come to the Agia Marina church in the buffer zone. We hope one day to be able to come without a permit like we used to come."

One lady said "I am very excited, I would like to come more often like we used to be able to and we come without a permit. In addition to the emotion we feel, I also feel a little sadness because I see our sea, our properties, our pervolas that were a little further down and we can't enjoy them or visit them. We are happy that we are given this opportunity to visit the beautiful church and see the wonderful nature".

Kite flying was not missing from the customs of Maundy Monday.

Deryneiotes had the opportunity to enjoy the unique view of the plain and the small dam of Deryneia located within the dead zone and the occupied beach.

The chapel of Agia Marina remained open for pilgrimage, while the excursionists were enchanted by the spring landscape against the background of occupied Famagusta.