Signing of agreements for the financing of nurseries in Deryneia

In the municipality of Deryneia, there is a need to create more places in nurseries

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The first Public Funding agreements between the Social Welfare Services and the Municipalities of Geroskipou and Deryneia for the expansion and upgrading of nurseries, within the framework of the State Sponsorship Plan for the YKE and the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

As mentioned in a statement, Mrs. Evangelou expressed her satisfaction at the signing of the first agreements and congratulated the two municipalities for their initiative and for their excellent cooperation with the Social Welfare Services which led to the quick and efficient promotion of the projects.

Both in the municipality of Geroskipou and in the municipality of Deryneia there is a need to create more places in daycare centers that will also operate during the afternoon hours, providing the opportunity for parents to join or remain in the labor market within the context of reconciling the professional with the family life.

Geroskipou and Deryneia nurseries already participate in the Tuition Subsidy and Feeding Scheme for Children up to 4 years of age of the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare, which provides the possibility to cover the tuition fees for all beneficiaries of the Child Benefit up to 80%, which contributes even more to reconciliation professional and family life.

As part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan, another 34 projects are being launched that concern nurseries, multi-purpose centers and small residential homes for the elderly.