OP. AMM/STO: Mothers with babies are evicted from apartments (VIDEO)

The complaints of a nurse-midwife of the Famagusta General Hospital are a punch in the stomach - Mothers and babies are being evicted from apartments

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The complaints of a nurse-midwife of the Famagusta General Hospital about pregnant mothers, who will be left on the street with their newborn babies, are a punch in the stomach.

They are three women from Nigeria, who have political asylum and were granted temporary residence in Cyprus.

However, community services are instructed to evict the mothers from the hotel rooms they are staying in, without having found them alternative accommodation.

In her intervention on Sigma's show, "Mesimeri ka Kati", the nurse-midwife of the Famagusta General Hospital, Christiana Grigoriou, who gave birth to the pregnant women, complained that the state showed indifference to the fate of the women.

Shocking, among other things, is the fact that one of the three women lived for two whole months on a beach in Larnaca, while she was in the last months of her pregnancy.

"Nancy lived on the beach of Larnaca, Finikoudes for two months while she was in her 8th month of pregnancy. He lived in the sand. He was working in Larnaca during the summer and then lost his job. She went to the Social Welfare Services to ask for a benefit and they told her that she should wait for her application to be considered," said Ms. Grigoriou.

According to the nurse's complaint, the Social Welfare Services will take them out of the hotel they were told to stay in, which will put the mothers and their babies on the street. “They live in a room with newborn babies in a room, which are in a bad condition. They are disgusting and I ask, does a Cypriot mother accept that her children live in such conditions?", he asked.

The only income single mothers receive is child benefit, which is not enough to enable them to rent a house and live in decent conditions.

"I, as a mother of four children, do not accept that these things happen in the 21st century. When we say that we accept the refugees to be here in Cyprus, it means that we also accept the European Union fund. Where does this fund go after all?", said Mrs. Grigoriou.

Another pregnant woman who suffered from hemoglobinopathies, as she reported, was wandering the street with her 14-day-old baby to go to the District Administration to issue a birth certificate for the baby, as otherwise she would lose custody of the child.

Complaints about sexual abuse of women

Complaints by the midwife are also serious, that the babies some of them gave birth to came after sexual abuse and did not receive the necessary care from the competent services.

The midwife-nurse of the General Hospital of Famagusta sent countless letters to the relevant services, responsible for taking the necessary measures so that the babies are not left without a roof over their heads.

No response from the relevant agencies

A voice of shouting in the wilderness. He didn't get any answers about what the hell was going on with these women.

"No one next to us, all absent. I help them as much as I could. I am a mother of four children and I cannot see this situation. The authorities must help", he emphasized, among other things.

The only request is to find a house at an affordable price so that the three mothers can live with their children.

So far, none of the competent bodies have been placed on the issue brought to the surface by "Mesimeri and Something".

Source: Sigmalive