OP. AMMOCHOSTOU: 621 complaints of domestic violence – More than one complaint per day

Increase in cases of domestic violence, registered in free Famagusta - More than one complaint per day, to the special investigation unit that was established

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An increase in domestic violence cases is recorded in the free Famagusta, where more than one complaint or report is made per day, to the special investigation unit that was established. Most cases concern men's violence against their spouses or partners, while a significant number of complaints concern violence by children against their parents. 

The observed increase is attributed on the one hand to the operation of the provincial family violence investigation unit, which is staffed by eight specially trained members of the Police, and on the other hand to the fact that now victims "break" their silence more easily, due to the movements support that have been created.

The data from the echelon of the free Famagusta demonstrate the magnitude of the problem. Since the establishment of the unit, which operated on February 15, 2021 until the end of August 2022, 621 complaints/reports of domestic violence offenses were made, of which 312 were forwarded for criminal prosecution. In the same period, 100 arrest warrants were issued, while 70 firearms and military equipment were seized, which were in the possession of the perpetrators.

The victims of the cases under investigation are 172 women, 65 men and 60 children, most of whom were subjected to psychological violence, as reported by the press representative of the Famagusta Police, Steve Theodoulou, noting that there are also cases of physical violence against minors .