Province of Famagusta: Handcuffs to foreigners who resided illegally

26 arrests of persons residing illegally in Cyprus – Their immediate repatriation

photo 27 exclusive, Police
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Today, the Police continued operations to identify third country nationals residing illegally in Cyprus, with a coordinated all-Cypriot operation of police checks.

During today's control operation, members of the Police proceeded to arrest 26 persons of various nationalities, who, as it has been established, remain illegally in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. They were taken into custody, with the Police already proceeding with the procedures for their immediate repatriation, in cooperation with other competent authorities.

As part of the operation carried out in the province of Famagusta, during a check in a hotel unit, two persons aged 28 and 25, third country nationals, who reside legally in the Republic, were found to be working illegally without a permit from the competent Authority.

Specifically, the two persons were engaged in construction work, outside the building, where their employer, aged 34, was also found. A case of illegal employment and illegal employment is being investigated against the three. In today's operation, which started at 6.00:3.00 in the morning and ended around XNUMX:XNUMX in the afternoon, members from all provincial levels of the Foreigners and Immigration Service - YAM, as well as members of the Green Line Surveillance Sub-Directorate and Combating Migration Flows participated