Famagusta: Why wedding planning is becoming a trend and how much does the γά perfect wedding cost

Wedding planner Koula Karagianni talks to Famagusta.News about the organization of weddings, wedding tourism, prices, new trends and ... tricks

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Wedding tourism is recovering and many are in the process of organizing their wedding and so many others are still thinking about it.  The wedding planner solution is a lifesaver, although many still have their doubts.

The FamagustaNews contacted Koula Karagianni who is a Wedding Planner, which is based in Deryneia and deals mainly with English. Koula Karagianni told us περιλαμβάνει what Wedding Planning includes, because Cypriots do not choose it, the most popular place for weddings in Famagusta and much more!

What does wedding planning include?

I would say everything! The group includes photographers, transporters, make up artists, dancers, entertainers, pyrotechnics, decoration. What is excluded from the package, are the personal things, the dress, the suit, shoes, accessories, perfumes. Most customers do not even ask for it. They want to have and choose their own. Apart from that there is a particular difficulty in entrusting it to me since my clients are basically English.

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How long have you been involved in wedding planning?

For about 28 years I did event management. For the last 13 years I have been doing wedding planner, which is something much more specialized and so far I have done more than 250 weddings. In the first years I could have had one wedding a year, this year I have 160 weddings for a semester. During these years I started to organize more weddings. And because of the pandemic we had many cancellations. In the last two years, 30-40% of planned weddings have been canceled due to coronavirus.

At the beginning of April I had the first two weddings of the season.

How long before one has to end one's marriage?

People know what they want and close their marriage two years ago. However fashion changes, we change, our taste. What I suggest is to close the space and use the time for inspiration in the other pieces related to fashion and style, which I suggest to be chosen and selected 8 months before the wedding.

The ideal is one to two years in advance so that dates and places are available. But we can in two weeks. But yes, it is possible to prepare a wedding in 2 weeks.

Are there any criteria for selecting partners and suppliers?

For the 160 weddings we have this year, the suppliers needed are 130-140. There are criteria and I would even say that I am strict. Experience is important to me. I want to work with people who know the job, but many times I have tried new people in the field if they had to present me something new. Then comes the reputation, quality-price comparison, however we are the most expensive, because we offer the best services!

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Do Cypriots choose a Wedding Planner for their wedding?

Cypriots do not choose because they prefer to do everything themselves. They do not know that we can save them money. It is also something else that happens here in Cyprus, they have many acquaintances, relatives and they will choose to get the flowers from the cousin, for a photographer they will choose a friend's girlfriend etc etc.

In Nicosia they started timidly - timidly here in Free Famagusta, things are a little more difficult.

How much does a dream wedding for 30 people cost, for example?

A wedding of 30 people, rich with beautiful decoration, dreamy, costs 15.000 euros.

However, our packages are personalized and one can get married even with 500 euros. It depends on the services he will choose, on the people, on how rich he wants his decoration to be. Wedding can be done with any budget, that's for sure. If the bride and groom trust their wedding to a wedding planner with any budget they can have a very beautiful wedding.

The same things that cost and should be taken out of the plan when someone wants a wedding with less money, are the same that I would not want my clients to take out because they count a lot in the decoration. The bells and fairylights. They make a big difference. They hit the eye. For the English the ceremony, civil weddings are 15 minutes. Therefore it is expensive!

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How do you handle last minute changes?

Although it is a job that requires planning, we are flexible in making changes, even last minute changes. If it is something that can be done of course we try to leave the customer as satisfied as possible.

It is a job that has a lot of stress, running. I personally have a lot of anxiety. Everyone knows I'm very nervous all the time. However, with my experience of recent years, I try to manage it with rest. Rest is important. I already started hiring staff, so the work is shared.

Where do tourists choose to get married?

The English who come to get married in Cyprus, in Ayia Napa, in Protaras, in Sotira to say that most have not visited Cyprus again and choose the place only from photos and videos.

Most people want the sea. They want a view. The first choices are the beach Sirens in Sotira and then in second place are some well known hotels.

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Is there communication with customers?

We talk to my clients every day. I have also been nicknamed FairyGodMother! We send emoji that have a wing, our communication is very personal.

We try to calm the couple, to keep them constantly calm. We have had many different situations with many different customers.

When it was the pandemic and the cancellations and postponements started the situation was difficult for the psychology of the couples. We suddenly turned into psychologists. We told them not to worry, that it will pass and everything will be done… to stay positive.

I was trying to convince them that their wedding will happen, they will get married, things will happen, they will always happen and they will never end and that they should see it as a passing storm.

Any things you will not forget from all these years of experience in this field?

The most unpleasant incident in my entire career was the pandemic. It was a big challenge. The most difficult period if we can say so. If we can get through this thing and get over it then we have nothing to fear.

A wedding that has 20 suppliers, think everyone has to change, was a very difficult time.

However in 2020 and 2021, few marriages took place but those who did had a different sense of joy due to the pandemic.

I had also done a wedding half Indian half English and we are still friends with them. They are very happy. Cyprus is very pleasant for them and I am glad to see couples I have met who are still together and happy. Also even if they come for the first time to get married, they come back again to see the place, it is very pleasant.

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Future plans;

I will open my Wedding Planning School in the near future. There is nothing that gives quality and is so specialized. I will try to provide these things. This is my plan in 2-3 years.

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