Famagusta: The nomenclature for the parliamentary elections and what the result will be

By what criteria will the province of Famagusta vote in the 2021 Parliamentary elections and what are the names that will be included in the party ballots?

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Reportage: Famagusta.News

Less than eight months are left for the 2021 Parliamentary Elections and the party machines have started to prepare the ballots with the names that will make up the candidacies for the seats of the Parliament. The fermentations for the attraction of personalities and the confirmation of candidates but also the possible transfers of well-known names to other ballots have been wheeled, while obviously the ultimate goal is the preparation and the measurement of forces and possible collaborations for the 2023 Presidential Elections.

"Against" Famagusta Vs Famagusta

And as the political landscape is subject to many changes, in terms of the dynamics of party formations, the biggest challenge for the next elections seems to be the province of Famagusta. A province that has always been a challenge for every candidate, due to the peculiar distribution of voters, mainly in the free provinces of Famagusta, Limassol, Larnaca and other provinces, is in fact a special case in the election process and the personalities that emerge for the "Balanced" ballot. As a result, the candidacies are distributed accordingly to the voters living in the free provinces, something that is clearly proven in all the contests, often creating conflicts between the inhabitants of free Famagusta and other provinces to promote issues.

More recently the strong statement of the Mayor of Paralimni during the half-hour work stoppage of the nurses and doctors of the General Hospital of Famagusta due to its operation as a Referral Hospital, when he criticized a portion of MPs from the province of Famagusta living in other provinces , for transfer of anesthesiologists from the General Hospital of Famagusta to the General Hospital of Larnaca. Something similar happened last summer when the Municipality of Famagusta expressed its strong dissatisfaction with the use of the name of Famagusta in the slogan of the Famagusta Tourism Development and Promotion Company "Famagusta is your Summer" which was aimed at the region. free province.

The challenges are also in focus

The Turkish challenges, which are constantly intensifying regarding the settlement of the enclosed city of Famagusta, also go unnoticed. The forthcoming "elections" in the occupied territories are far from eliminating this possibility, with the city of Famagusta seeming to be the flag of the slogans of almost all the party plans of the pseudo-state. Both the potential big tourism development that the candidates promise to the voters with the opening of Varosia, and the property are an apple of contention for the voters of the pseudo-state.

Province in an emergency…

The situation created by the pandemic has caused countless problems in the free province of Famagusta, which due to its peculiarity and its dependence on tourism and agriculture, has received an irreparable blow. At the center of both the discussions and the interest of the inhabitants of the area, is, in fact, the financial difficulty they have encountered as well as the fear of losing jobs, mainly in the tourism sector, but also the difficulty of selling agricultural products in the sector. of agriculture, due to the much reduced operation of hotels and restaurants. Therefore, something that has started to appear in the pre-election processes so far, the preparation of a pre-election program focusing on the economy in the region will undoubtedly be the spearhead for the candidates.

What is the nomenclature for the upcoming Parliamentary Elections according to the information of Famagusta.News


In Pindarou, the processes have already begun, with Averof Neophytou seeming determined to anticipate situations and lock the ballot as soon as possible so that the candidates can be thrown into the battle of the parliamentary elections. The challenge for the Democratic Alarm seems to be great, as the bar of the ballot in the previous parliamentary elections has been set very high with resounding names. Of the already existing names of the parliamentary seats, the ones that seem to lock and reclaim are that of Kyriakou HatzigianniOf Onoufriou Koulla and George Karoullas. The lawyer George George will leave, but the baton seems to be taken by his son and District Secretary of Famagusta, Nikos Georgiou. In Paralimni, an important event for Pindarou will be the case of accepting the lawyer's candidacy Kleanthi Koutsofta, provincial of NEDISY Famagusta. The new names also include that of the director of administration and organization DISY George Lysandridis, the journalist from Ayia Napa, Nikos Symeos who has already said goodbye to OMEGA after 19 years, and the former international basketball player and current member of the COM from Liopetri, Panagiotis Trisokka, who is the son of the current Commonwealth of Liopetri, Kyriakos Trisokkas.


AKEL is keeping their papers closed before the end of the Pancyprian congress of the party, which due to the pandemic seems to be postponed to the beginning of December. The preparation of the ballot paper begins with two departures as the Christakis Tziovanis clearly stated that it does not reclaim, while according to the party's statute, neither the Skew Koukouma. A name that seems certain to get on the ballot is her son George Koukoumas, as well as the current Member Nikos Kettirou. Names that are also heard are of the current Provincial Secretary and Deputy Mayor of Famagusta Chrysanthou Zannetou and the Internationalist Dr. Pambou Chrysostomou.


DIKO is determined to turn the page after the recent departures of leaders, while for the first time the battle will be fought with another political formation formed by the ranks of DIKO, the Democratic Party. As much as they are considered elections that will judge a lot, on the other hand DIKO does not seem to keep a small basket as according to the information of Famagusta.News, the ballots and specifically that of Famagusta will consist of big names. One of them is his name Zacharia Koulia who is running for re-election, as well as the chairman of the district committee Constantine Chrysodontas but also the member of the Executive Board, Christos Seneckis.


In EDEK, the new era has been marked by the political declaration - invitation for concurrence to participate in the ballot of candidates while the party seems determined to come down with big names and the return of old executives for the province of Famagusta. One of them is his name George Barnabas who has already been reactivated and is expected to head the ballot. The name of the surgeon must also be taken for granted Nikos Astra but also the First Vice President of the party from Sotira, Lefteri Andreou, of the lawyer Sozou Pougiourou, son of the late mayor of Famagusta, Andreas Pougiouros as well as the Municipal Councilor of Famagusta Dimitris Dimitriou (Savoulli).


ELAM begins the preparation with the dynamics it has acquired in the province with the election Linos Papagiannis. According to the information of Famagusta.News, the new ballot paper will include many surprises as it will consist of famous personalities. MP Linos Papagiannis will lead the ballot, while so far it seems, according to the information, that the inclusion of Viktora Pospori, a relative of Evagoras Pallikaridis and Ioannas Kyriakidou.


In DIPA, the only certain name is considered to be the former Director of the Fire Service Markou Trangola who has already started the election process. According to information from Famagusta.News from the Democratic Party, the participation and interest for the upcoming parliamentary elections seems to be beyond expectations in all provinces, while great optimism prevails for the province of Famagusta. Proof of this is that the ballot paper has been completed by 70% and with a large participation of young people. Among the names that are heard is that of the Municipal Councilor of Famagusta George Hatzigiannis, the former President of the youth of DIKO and municipal councilor of Larnaca, Michalis Giakoumis.

Ecologists, Citizens' Alliance, Solidarity and Independents

The processes of the small parties are in progress without any name being confirmed so far. What is certain is that Michalis Giorgallas will come down with Solidarity, despite being approached by various parties, while the Anna Theologou will come down to a combination of Independent Candidates.