Province of Famagusta: Number of open hotels in winter - What problems do hoteliers face

Today, nothing reminds of the summer season in the free province of Famagusta

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Seasonality, labor and the war zone in the Middle East seem to be the major problems plaguing hoteliers in the free province of Famagusta.

For another winter, the hotel units that are in operation are counted on the fingers, with tourism leaders hoping for new markets in the next summer season.

Today, nothing reminds of the summer season in the free province of Famagusta.

The tourist destinations of Ayia Napa and Protaras, which are flooded with visitors during the summer months, almost turn into ghost towns during the winter season.

Only nine hotel units in the entire free province are in operation with the major problem being seasonality.

The President of the Panagiotis Association of Hoteliers, Panagiotis Constantinou, speaking to Famagusta News, stated that "the problem of seasonality is a perennial problem which is particularly noticeable in the province of Famagusta and is something that particularly worries us due to the increased operating costs, we have a reduced period of operation and this means that all businesses will have to cover their expenses and be able to have a reasonable profitability in a shorter period of time."

Tourism leaders also point out the difficulty of finding a workforce.

Mr. Constantinou emphasized that "the issue of the workforce is the most intense problem for us. We are wasting most of our time trying to find solutions to this problem."

"We are in communication and cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and the Deputy Ministry of Tourism on this issue, which are certainly making efforts to change some stereotypes regarding the procedures that prevail until now and to help us to be able to have a more immediate response to our requests for employing personnel especially from third countries" he added.

An important factor affecting the tourism market and the ongoing war situation in Israel.

Mr. Constantinou said that "the issue of the war in Gaza that still exists is making it difficult for us and I hope it will end soon because we are in a zone quite close and this will also affect it".

PASYXE Famagusta hopes that next summer the English market will remain, while the Scandinavian countries as well as the countries of Central Europe seem to be on the rise.