Famagusta Municipality: Total overthrow in the mergers of Municipalities-Communities - Who will be the 2 new Municipalities

A complete reversal of the current scenarios is proposed by the Parliamentary Interior Committee regarding the mergers of Municipalities and Communities in free Famagusta - What will be the two new Municipalities in free Famagusta?

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Today's meeting of the Parliamentary Interior Committee, regarding the burning issue of the Local Government Reform and specifically regarding the much-discussed merger scenarios, seems to have brought a reversal to all the scenarios discussed and proposed so far.

The Committee on Home Affairs today considered the approximately 85 amendments tabled by the parties, which were considered in previous sessions. Therefore, it is expected that by February 24 the bills will take their final form and be submitted to the plenary of the Parliament for a vote with a request to the Meeting of Leaders, so that there is no prospect or possibility of postponing the issues.

The thorny issues that seem to have started to be clarified in today's meeting are the issue of mergers and agglomerations of municipalities and communities, whether or not to hold referendums on the reform and issues related to the way of electing deputy mayors.

The scenario in the free province of Famagusta

In free Famagusta, according to his valid information Famagusta.News, it seems that a majority tendency was recorded for the creation of two municipalities as follows:

  • Ayia Napa, Sotira, Liopetri, Avgorou, Achna
  • Paralimni, Deryneia, Frenaros, Acheritou

This scenario seems to leave primarily satisfied the Municipalities of Ayia Napa and Sotira and the Community of Liopetri which demanded the unification only in this case two other local authorities will be added, that of Avgoros and Achna.

On the other hand, the logic of the studies prepared on behalf of the Ministry of Interior is observed, which in no case encouraged the creation of more than two Municipalities in free Famagusta, while in fact they also encouraged the creation of a single Municipality, a scenario sought by majority of residents and local authorities (the majority of councilors Paralimni, Deryneia, Frenaros, Acheritos, Avgorou, Achnas).

The two new Municipalities in numbers

Therefore the two new Municipalities that will be created will include the following numbers of voters, based on the results of the Municipal and Community Elections 2016:

  • Municipality of Paralimni, Deryneia, Frenarous, Acheritos
    • Paralimni 9.260
    • Deryneia 5.442
    • Brake 2.786
    • Acheritou 2.273
    • TOTAL: 19.761
  • Municipality of Ayia Napa, Sotira, Liopetri, Avgorou, Achna
    • Savior 3.937
    • Avgorou 3.525
    • Liopetri 3.336
    • Ayia Napa 3.220
    • Αχνα 2.913
    • TOTAL: 16.931

With the new scenario, however, as well as with the other mergers proposed nationwide, the number of Municipalities is locked in 17 (or even 18) leaving satisfied the Government as well as other parties that requested a reduced number of Municipalities, without being excluded according to its information. Famagusta.News this number should change downwards if there are proposals to reduce the number of local authorities.