District of Famagusta: Five calls to the Fire Department due to bad weather

The calls in the province of Famagusta concerned falling and moving trees

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Flooded homes, fallen trees and a stranded driver were the accounts of the bad weather that affected all of Cyprus on Saturday afternoon and evening, with the Fire Service racing to provide assistance.

According to the press representative of the Fire Department, Andreas Ketti, due to the severe weather conditions, more than twenty calls for assistance arose, most of them in Limassol.

In particular, the fire stations of Limassol responded to eight calls concerning three falling and moving trees, four pumps from basements of houses, one saving a life from an immobilized vehicle under a bridge.

Besides, as Mr. Kettis noted, at 20:18 on Saturday night, a call was received for pumping rainwater from an underground parking lot in a house on Parthenon Street in Limassol. A vehicle was damaged by the water. The water also caused damage to the contents of the house, which was located in the underground parking area.

The Larnaca fire stations responded to three calls, two of which related to falling and moving trees and one to cleaning objects on the street.

The Famagusta fire stations responded to five calls, all of which related to falling and moving trees, while the Paphos fire stations responded to four calls, of which two related to falling and moving trees, one to cleaning a stormwater drain and one I cleaned things on the street.